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Students Showcase World Culture at International Fashion Show

The International Programs & Global Engagement (IPGE for short) organization on campus serves as a safe haven for international students to feel welcome here at Sacramento State. If you’d like to learn more about IPGE, check out our previous article. On Valentine’s Day, they held an International Fashion Show to showcase cultures from around the world from places like Mexico, Japan, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and more!

Image Courtesy of Hrach Avetisyan on Flickr 

All of the international students who participated in the fashion show wore traditional clothing from their home countries and wore them with pride! It was so much fun seeing people from different cultures proudly wear their clothing and show us Sacramento natives how beautiful other cultures are.

Image Courtesy of Hrach Avetisyan on Flickr 

International students often feel a sense of disconnect and a struggle to feel like they belong when studying somewhere that is far from home. I’m happy to say that Sacramento State serves as a place to be free and embrace who you are culturally. It’s something that everyone should embrace about themselves because being different from one another is important to recognize as long as we treat each other with respect and love.

Image Courtesy of Jessica Vernone on Flickr

IPGE offers so many things to all students here at Sacramento State, as well as the study abroad and international exchange programs. If you wish to know more about how to get involved with IPGE or just want to know more about the opportunities they offer, click here.

IPGE is here to make international students feel comfortable, but never forget that you are also part of that change and that positive environment. Be on the lookout for events hosted by IPGE and get to know students from across the globe! It’s an experience that you’ll never forget.

Here are the social media handles for IGPE and Study Abroad so you’ll never miss any events or updates from them!


Study Abroad:

FB: Sacramento State Study Abroad

IG: @HornetsAbroad

Twitter: @HornetsAbroad



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