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Self Care Tips to Incorporate Into Your Busy Schedule

As college students, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves sometimes due to our hectic schedules. Students are either in class, working, or studying. There can sometimes be very little time to give yourselves a little self-care. When it comes to being busy, we can sometimes forget to eat and do things we would normally do for ourselves if there weren’t so many things on our plate.

With that said, here are easy self-care tips you can incorporate into your life.

Yes, as cliche as that sounds, exercising is very important when it comes to caring for the physical self. Exercise is proven to help relieve stress and keep the body strong which is something you will need when it comes to having a busy life. Whether it’s a 20-minute walk or run on the treadmill or a 2-hour workout session, doing so can really help you to be more energized.

Taking Breaks
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Utilizing your technology and setting up reminders on your phone can help you to remember to take breaks in between your tasks. We tend to get so caught up on what we are doing that we forget to take a little breather. It doesn’t have to be a long break either, as long as you get to take your mind off of that task for a little bit.

Treating Yourself

There is no better form of self-care than treating yourself to something nice because you deserve it. This can be as simple as buying yourself that new dress you were eyeing on an online shopping site or getting a mani-pedi. Having a little shopping spree can also be very therapeutic.


Neglecting sleep is one of the most common problems that students have today. There are just so many things to do that sleep becomes less of a priority. Sleep not only affects our everyday bodily functions, but it can also affect your mood. Even if you can’t get a full 8 hours of sleep, some sleep is better than no sleep. Fitting short naps into your schedule can also help if you can’t get your full rest at night.

Life may get busy but it shouldn’t be so busy that you forget to take care of yourself physically and mentally. May these tips be a reminder that it’s important to give yourself some love.

Samirah Yang

Sacramento '22

Samirah is currently a second year at Sacramento State and majors in Psychology. Some of her interests include writing, photography, videography, and eating.
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