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Polyamory: Beyond the Sex and the Myths

From Greek πολύ poly, "many, several", and Latin amor, "love", polyamory is the practice of intimate relationships with more than one partner at the same time. On the LGBTQ spectrum with marginalized groups, polyamorous people have experienced discrimination. 

Queer individual, that identifies as Ella, shares their personal experience in an interview with Gay Star News. Ella, who adds no last name, said accusations like, “we are all cheaters and we’re all not in invested relationship,” offended them when it’s wrong.

“When people are like ‘oh so I love my best friend’ I think it’s just like that but taking it further and you’re actually in love with them and in a relationship with them,” Ella said, describing how having another partner is like having another support

Biologist Dr. Antonia Forster gave a Ted Talk where she was able to prove with science how polyamory and queer love is “natural.” 

In her Ted Talk, the non-monogamous biologist emphasized the facts that compared the science of what makes something normal or not in nature. Many people have found it out of the ordinary for a person to be queer, but with science and facts, Dr. Forster researches how it can be possible in nature for queerness. 

“First and foremost I am a biologist so I am fascinated by the study of what is and is not natural,” Dr. Forster said. “I think it’s possible to have more than one loving relationship at the same time.”

The science explained by Dr. Forster explaining why people are queer or not.“In humans, broadly speaking, our sex is determined by our chromosomes,” Said Dr Forster. 

She compares human models to explain how individuals have different chromosome sets. At birth everyone’s sequences of X and Y are different. Females have two X’s, while males have an X and Y. People can also have extra sets of chromosomes that can make someone intersex, with both sex genitals.  

“The thing that we may consider as binary simply is not,” Dr. Forster said when comparing human models. This also advocates for the science behind queer people and why many identify as feminine, masculine, bigender, or androgynous. 

When it comes to children in polyamorous relationships, Dr. Forster said, “love is what actually makes up a family.” 

An article by Vice Media shares a couple’s story with polyamory. When Amory Jane and Matias’ child Elliot was born the couple’s five partners helped take turns caring for the young child. 

“We would often split date nights so one couple had baby duty half the night and could relax and actually go out during the other half. There were always at least two adults watching the baby,” said Amory Jane. “It worked well for helping us keep our sanity and stay connected to friends, lovers and ourselves in ways that brand-new monogamous parents might not get to do.”

We shouldn’t restrain people from loving who they want, even if it’s multiple people at the same time. Polyamory, an abnormal concept, is scientifically explained with genetics.  Polyamory is something normal, it’s common and it’s love between people.

was born in the burrows of Los Angeles, California and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Currently studying Political-Science Journalism, she a news editor for the State Hornet at California State University Sacramento. She is usually found in bed with her cats or having philosophical conversations with her loved ones.
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