Planners For Each Personality Type

Planners are a must when it comes to school or a busy lifestyle. Personally, I’ve always been involved in tons of activities and extracurriculars, so having a planner and writing everything down is how I keep my life together. As everyone knows, college can be extremely busy. When it comes to keeping track of papers, exams, group projects, sorority events, dates can easily get jumbled and assignments can pile up. To avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with every new semester, a planner can be your go-to solution. Using a weekly, monthly, or daily planner can minimize stress, help you be an efficient student, and most importantly keep your life organized.


For the “Type A”

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Since high school, Gallery Leather has always had my back. This company has an assortment of affordable weekly, monthly, yearly and academic planners to choose from. With many layouts, sizes, and colors it can be hard to decide on what works for you. These planners will typically range in price from twenty-five to thirty dollars depending on what planner you choose. I typically always stick with a yearly planner with a weekly layout. I believe that this system works best for the typical overwhelmed student who's just trying to keep it all together. By being able to see what activities, assignments and meetings you have all in one week, you can plan accordingly for when you can go out and see your friends or when you have to crack open the books and study for a midterm.


For the Do It Yourself-er

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If you’re into stickers and stationary, then I would recommend planners from Erin Condren. Each planner can be personalized with your name and inspirational quotes of your liking. If you decide to opt for this planner, you will also be able to personalize the front and back cover to your liking. Her brand also includes different styles of stationary and stickers that represent different occasions such as birthdays, appointments and meetings. Erin Condren planners lean on the pricey side, with each planner starting off at fifty-five dollars. Another brand that is best suited for the do it yourself-er and more affordable would be planners are trendy and practical, and range in price from fifteen to twenty-five dollars. This company supplies planners, notepads, stationery, and almost everything else that you will need to stay on top of school work and life events.  

For the Unorganized

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We get it. School assignments pile up, meetings and dates always seem to fall around the same time, and you can’t keep track of all the readings and notes you still have to do. If your schedule is hectic and you have a tendency to be unorganized I would recommend a planner from Panda Planner Pro. This company provides layouts for each area of life, so you can keep a work/life balance. Panda Planners range from about twenty-five to thirty dollars, which is reasonable for a well-made planner that won’t fall apart and it lasts you the whole year.

With these brands in mind, you’ll be able to choose the right planner for you that will keep you organized and set you up for success in the upcoming semester.