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Nikita Dragun’s First Makeup Launch And Its Effect On The Makeup Community

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacramento chapter.

If you’ve been a part of the makeup community for a long time, you probably already heard about “Dragun Beauty” which is the new brand launch of makeup from YouTuber Nikita Dragun. Dragun has been in the makeup community for a long time with a follower count of over 5 million on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.




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In 2015, Dragun uploaded a video sharing that she is a transgender woman which shocked many of her followers and resulted in her losing some in the process. Regardless she was able to prosper and grow her channel into what it has become today. Known as “The Mother of Draguns,” she has made a name for herself in the makeup community and has been widely accepted by beauty lovers all over the world.




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On March 25th, her brand Dragun Beauty launched at 12 PM PST. Encapsuled inside of what is known as the “DragunEgg,” are products that include a color correcting concealer and two face powders. Within one day, all of the products have completely sold out and left many people waiting for the next restock. This demonstrates how much this brand is being loved and coveted by the makeup community.




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This new launch is revolutionary in the makeup community because it is the first brand owned and created by a transgender woman. Not only is it a brand that shows support for all genders and sexualities, but it is also vegan and cruelty-free. This is what many makeup users expect when it comes to makeup brands. Dragun Beauty is “all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities” and journeying along the road to self-discovery, according to the official website.

Coming out as a transgender woman, Nikita Dragun has faced criticism and hate. As someone who isn’t socially accepted in regards to her transgender status, she is proving that she can achieve her dreams regardless of the obstacles she has faced. She spreads the message that anyone, regardless of their gender, has the ability to do so as well. So many of her fans love and support her for this.

2018 was a year full of drama for Nikita Dragun and her group of friends (Gabriel Zamora, Manny MUA and Laura Lee). Regardless, she was able to persevere and work harder for those who stood by her. The feud between Jeffree Star and Dragun’s group of friends ultimately led to old tweets being resurfaced that were racist. Although Dragun acknowledged those racist tweets, she says some of them are fake. She did tweet out an apology but as of now stays unapologetic and unbothered because she wants to focus on the present and what’s to come in her future. There are still people who want to discredit her, but she stays true to herself and continues to make strides as a role model for her fans. 

With the launch of Dragun Beauty, the makeup community can be sure to see more support for people of all genders and sexualities. Makeup brands are starting to be more inclusive which is definitely a game changer in today’s society.

If you’re waiting for a restock of Dragun Beauty, be sure to follow Nikita Dragun and Dragun Beauty on their social media so you don’t miss any announcements!

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