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The Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

With the new year comes new tidings, new blessings and a new crop of movies to (hopefully) enjoy! Whether we’re talking horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, or any genre in-between, good movies are always a good source of comfort. Hello, movies of 2020, in which we can expect more superheroes, a sequel or three, a handful of animated films, a slew of horror films, a few intriguing remakes, your run-of-the-mill dramas and A-list comedies. Put simply, when it comes to upcoming movies, the next few months are going to be epic. So read through this list of the most exciting films heading your way and start planning your cinema trips now!

Birds of Prey – February 7

We last saw Margot Robbie’s baseball bat-wielding Harley Quinn get in all kinds of trouble in Suicide Squad. What happens when she joins Birds of Prey, DC’s all-ladies team of adventurers? Mayhem. We all know Harley’s not traditionally affiliated with the superhero team, but rumor has it she’s left the joker to go solo in Gotham City, which may have prompted a change in allegiances.

Fantasy Island – February 14

Fantasy Island may be another feather in the cap for Blumhouse, who has seen great success with various types of horror films in the past. Movie watchers of a certain age may remember the popular TV drama Fantasy Island, in which visitors to the vacation spot would be granted a chance to live out their wildest fantasies for a price. The series wasn’t traditionally horror, though it has some horror elements and plots including murder, kidnapping and other misfortunes. Fantasy Island has been described as a mix between Westworld and The Cabin in the Woods, which implies a technological bend to the story, whereas the TV series was more fantastical oriented in theme.

Bloodshot – March 13

After his appearance in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Vin Diesel is shifting gears for a different sort of comic book film. The Fast & Furious actor steps into the lead role in Sony’s ultra-violent Bloodshot movie. Originally created in 1992, Bloodshot has sold more than 8 million comic books worldwide and remains one of the most popular and enduring comic creations of the past 25 years. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force, stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. Bloodshot’s past is a mystery to him and he’s on a mission to find out who he is and who, or what, is controlling him.

A Quiet Place: Part ll – March 20

Some movies are not made to have sequels but get them anyway, and then there are others that actually show serious potential in the “to be continued” department. A Quiet Place is in the latter department. If you’ve seen the first one, you don’t need me to explain why John Krasinski will not be reprising his role on camera, but he returns to both his roles as screenwriter and director off-camera. Everything that made the first one good looks set to return the second time around, along with some delightful new additions. We’ll also get some flashbacks to the beginning of the… invasion? Infestation? Whatever you want to call it, audiences should be in for another great ride.

Mulan – March 27

Disney is set to turn another one of their most popular animated films into a live-action epic in 2020, debuting an updated version of Mulan. The movie was initially set to be released in 2018 but later pushed back, the delay reportedly happened because it took Disney a year of searching across the world to find its star, Liu Yifei. Mulan is set to be a full-scale martial arts epic, which looks to move further from its animated classic. Unlike other live-action remakes, Mulan will be changing up quite a few key elements found in the 1998 film, which is contrary to the live-action retellings we’ve recently seen from Disney.

The New Mutants – April 3

The New Mutants were due a long time ago. In fact, the X-Men spin-off was originally set to come out in April 2018, until reshoots and Disney buying Fox pushed the release date back to its current April 2020. Many have wondered whether or not the tone of the film would be preserved given the reshoots over the years, but director Josh Boone recently confirmed the April cut of New Mutants is his original vision for the project. It will follow a group of teen mutants trapped in a research facility against their will. They have to face up to their powers, and their personal demons, to survive and escape.

Wonder Woman 1984 – June 5

2017’s Wonder Woman is the most critically acclaimed movie in the DC Extended Universe by a wide margin. It wasn’t just that Warner and DC got a female-fronted superhero movie into cinemas well over a year ahead of Captain Marvel, it was also every bit the equal of the MCU at its best. As promised by the title this sequel will be filling in part of the timeline between the first movie’s World War l setting and the hero’s reemergence in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’ll be seeing Chris Pine reappearing as Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor, despite his apparent death in the first film.

There are so many movies coming out this year and if you’re like me, you’re excited! Here’s to all the action-adventure, comedy, romance, and horror we will watch in 2020!

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