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The Jonas Brothers Just Announced a Tour and I’m Not Okay

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you should know that the Jonas Brothers have recently made a comeback and are creating music again. Yes, our childhood boy crushes are breaking our hearts once again and the reunion still feels so surreal.

The newly-revived boy band made their comeback in February with the release of their single “Sucker,” including a music video which features every member’s significant others having loads of fun. It made us viewers shook to the core, especially those of us who have followed each Jonas brother’s lives since their split.

In April, The Jonas Brothers once again shook the internet with the release of their second single “Cool.”

Many viewers, myself included, found ourselves being nostalgic of the times we watched The Jonas Brothers in the old days without a worry in the world. The world was much simpler back then and with the return of the boy band, we’re seeing that reunions and comebacks can be possible. Can we get a Hannah Montana comeback next, please?

On Wednesday, they officially announced a U.S. Tour on social media and fans went wild. Hundreds are already checking that they’re “Interested” in their tour date on Facebook, and it’s safe to assume that a great many, if not all, of these dates will sell out.

If you’re like me and never got the chance to see the Jo-Bros live, then this is your chance!

Presale for this tour starts on May 8th and general sale starts on May 10th. Don’t miss the opportunity to see your childhood crush, whoever it may be (I was personally always a Nick gal).

They will be releasing a full-length album called Happiness Begins on June 7th, and you can pre-save it to Spotify or preorder it here.

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