It's Scorpio Season Baby

It’s my favorite time of year. The weather is finally cooling off, the leaves are turning beautiful shades and crunch under your feet and not to mention it’s Scorpio season. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a Scorpio, but I love the chaotic and sensual feelings that come with Scorpio season. 

If you don’t know Scorpios very well it is good to know that they are associated with transformation, sex, passion and mystery. According to Narayana Montufar, Senior Astrologer for, “all signs will be feeling this sign’s introspective, kinky and hypnotic-like vibe.” So prepare for hormones and emotions to rule your life until November 22, and even the days will begin to have a “darker undertone” due to the energy of the sun and our main star shifts to the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio season will be intense due to planetary alignments but it is also a time to “release negative emotions and patterns that might be holding us back in order to read deep transformation,” according to Montufar.

If this is season is already tough for you, you’ll be miserable during Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Beginning on Halloween, this retrograde will form a rare joining of the hot sun in this sensitive and emotional sign. It’s a time for important information to surface and Montufar suggests to go with the flow because unexpected events will force us to make radical changes at a moment’s notice. 

Scorpio season is also known for being a time to dig deep and find yourself while your emotions play a much larger role in your life. According to Cosmopolitan, you will “want genuine, in-depth connections with others, especially when it comes to your partner— you want to feel entangled with them.” Feelings will be running high no matter what your relationship status is so you will be making a lasting impression on each other. Don’t be afraid of catching feelings this month. 

“Scorpio vibes are intuitive and psychological, so you’re much more aware of your subconscious mind and the habits and urges that stem from it,” according to Cosmopolitan. During this month, you will be more in touch with your innermost self and all those feelings you bottle up and bury deep down inside, so you will be more secretive as all those good and bad feelings rise to the surface.

However, this does come with a perk because it helps you become more perceptive and it will allow you to read others more easily, which Cosmopolitan said will be great on a first date. This will also make it easier to overthink everything, so remember that not everything has a deeper meaning and some things are just there on the surface. Like any Scorpio, you will begin feeling jealousy, obsessive or even paranoid over the simplest things, but now you’ll understand your Scorpio friends a little better. 

This may be a crazy season for everyone, but it’s not all bad. Take things slow, go with the flow and don’t try to dig for meaning when there’s nothing there. Take this time to be introspective of yourself but to also enjoy all the passion that comes with Scorpio season.

If you come out of this season feeling crazy, remember that this is how us Scorpios feel 24/7.