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How living Eco-Friendly helps the planet and your pocket! My top 3 Green YouTubers

Like you, I am no expert on green living. What is a green lifestyle? Usually, it’s something involving helping the environment through minimalist and low-waste efforts, otherwise known as reducing a person’s carbon footprint. These three women I have carefully selected from several progressive influencers online have lived low-waste efficiently and teach their audience what they need to know to start living a greener lifestyle.

Here are my top 3 green Youtubers: 

     1. The Fairly Local Vegan

Run by Amber Allen, a mom of three, has been able to manage living low-waste in a way that is beneficial to your wallet. During the beginning of her journey on Youtube, she was in a profound amount of debt, $65k to be exact. 

Photo courtesy: Amber Allen

Lack of money meant having to downsize on food, clothing and entertainment to sustain frugality for the family of five. Allen also suffers from several immune system diseases. One being Chron’s Disease, which means food is a priority. Allen made it were living this way actually made a more positive outlook on life. Once a renter of a small space is now a current home and garden owner who homesteads almost all the household of five’s meals. 

     2. Sedona Christina

Sedona Christina, also known as Christie, is known for promoting facts on fast fashion and low-waste beauty. Obsessed with shampoo bars and recycled containers of homemade beauty products, she makes style for any occasion look like a snap. 

Photo Courtesy of Sedona Christina

She sends out a newsletter called ‘Love Letters,’ where she always has a relatable message to carry you on in your green day. You can access her podcast free, and on it, she features several green heroes doing their part to help restore Earth. 

     3. Sustainably Vegan

Immy Lucas is the environmental face behind this Youtube channel. She also started The Low Impact Movement that aims to promote sustainability. “We strive for a low environmental impact through a high social impact,” said Lucas on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Immy Lucas

A bookworm and nut milk aficionado, she also has low-waste and plant-based meal preps that are meant to make you healthier while also saving you money and the planet. She’s also open about mental health issues like eco-anxiety revolving around the current climate crisis

Going green doesn’t have to be so difficult after all. These women were going through life’s challenges like debt and health issues while saving money to support their green life changes. If we continue to come together and work as a team, communication, and idea planning among great minds can be the start of completing goals to save our world.

was born in the burrows of Los Angeles, California and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Currently studying Political-Science Journalism, she a news editor for the State Hornet at California State University Sacramento. She is usually found in bed with her cats or having philosophical conversations with her loved ones.
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