A Concert Survival Guide: 7 Essential Tips

If you’ve never been to a concert before, then you’re missing out! Going to concerts is a great way to let loose and have fun for a while, which is something we all need every now and then. I go to at least one show a month; It’s my favorite outlet to relieve stress!

With that, I’ve come to learn a lot about how to prepare for shows and how to navigate them. If you’re lost on how to prepare for that big concert coming up, say no more; I got you.


  1. 1. Hydrate!

    I can’t stress this enough. Start drinking water at the beginning of the day and keep at it until the show. Most venues don’t let you bring in water, so make sure you get yourself very hydrated. Even if you think you’ve drunk enough water, drink more! You tend to sweat a lot during concerts, and with that you will quickly become dehydrated and at risk of passing out. Believe me, it’s nearly happened to me before. Dehydration is scary and you don’t realize it until you finally are, so please be safe and drink as much water as you can! You’ll thank me for this.

  2. 2. Bring a Small Bag

    At a show where you’re going to be standing close to people and be squished, you’ll want to keep your bag as small and compact as you can. I always try to bring everything I need and be able to hold it all with one hand. This may sound dorky, but I’ve started using a fanny pack for carrying my things at concerts. Yes, yes I know, but hear me out. A fanny pack is always tight around your waist and in front of you. You can jump around and be squished without worrying about your things falling out. The fact that it’s always in front of you is great because then people can’t pickpocket you as easily. Plus, you can fit a tour shirt in there depending on how big it is. Believe me, it’s a lifesaver! You can find affordable fanny packs on Amazon and at Tilly’s. They range in style and in pockets, so pick the one that best fits your needs and one that has the style you like! Who said you can’t rock a fanny pack?

  3. 3. Get Merchandise First

    Getting merch first is the best option if you want to get any merch at all. This way you can get your size shirt or sweater before it sells out, and you don’t have to wait in the insanely long line after the show when everyone else is getting merch. Also, keep in mind how you want to enjoy the concert when you decide what merch you wish to get. For example, if you want to experience the concert up-close, you may want to opt out of getting a poster or anything that can get crumbled up. Also, keep in mind the practicality of the merch item you want. You may want to get the poster because it’s cheaper, but you will probably get more use out of a t-shirt. You may want the hoodie more than anything, but if it’s starting to get warmer, you won’t get the chance to wear it much for a while.

  4. 4. The Best and Worst Place to Stand During the Concert: The Front

    I know I know, it’s your favorite artist and you want to see them in all their glory in the front. This is all fun and awesome, but keep in mind that it is insanely tiring and uncomfortable most of the time. I have personally been in the very front for about 4 concerts, and for one of them I thought I was going to break a rib from how much I was getting pushed into the stage. It’s worth it for a few times when it’s for your favorite artist, but it’s painful and tiring so keep that in mind. I now chill in the back at concerts because it’s so uncomfortable!

    For those of you with social anxiety and/or have a breathing condition, definitely stand in the back for shows. People in the back aren’t going to push you around, they’re just trying to chill out with personal space just like you!

  5. 5. Wear Deoderant

    I know this is something you do all the time, but do it especially for concerts. When you’re packed in a full room of people, body heat builds up quickly and it gets very hot. I personally always double up on deodorant for concerts so if I smell B.O. I know it isn’t me!

  6. 6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    I know from experience, being a woman, that it can be unnerving to be in a large crowd. Try to find a friend to go to the show with you and be with them at all times. Having a buddy system is a great way to stay safe and alert. I’ve been through my fair share of bad concert experiences when I was alone, from being followed around by a homeless person after the show to inappropriate touching in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to speak up and move if you have to. You’re always safer when you have people looking out for you and vice versa. Concert venues don’t allow you to bring in self-defense weapons like mace or pocket knives, so take note of this especially if you’re traveling a far distance for a concert. Besides, having a friend with you serves as a great shield of protection in itself.

  7. 7. Have Fun!

    Throughout my time going to shows, I’ve encountered loads of people getting sour over others having fun. Don’t let people like that ruin your good time! Don’t let anything ruin your good time, because you’ve been waiting for this for so long and you deserve to have fun! Don’t be afraid to dance or crowd surf for the first time.

Concerts are a great way to let out bottled up stress, so just have fun and go wild! Remember these tips next time you go to a show because I still to this day follow every single one. You can’t really have fun if you’re dehydrated, so take care of yourself first.

Have fun at your next show!