6 Ways to Survive Cuffing Season

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and there are lots of new couples everywhere you look. With the cold weather comes cuddling, which means everyone is cuffing up for the season until the days are long once again. How are we supposed to survive these long months in the cold without someone to boo up with? Well, it’s easy, we’re going to download Bumble, drink some cocoa, and wear our fuzzy socks until Spring arrives and brings with it our allergies. 

Here are my ultimate cuffing season survival tips.

  1. 1. Download a dating app (if that’s your thing)

    You don’t have to date anyone, but having a fling or meeting someone new might help cure those winter blues. Even if you never message anyone in your matched queue it’s still nice to get that “you have a new match” notification because it reminds you that you’ve still got it but you don’t have to share it. 

  2. 2. Enjoy your friends

    You don’t have to have a bae to cuddle up with this season, all you need is some good friends. Turn on Netflix or Disney+, make some cocoa, curl up under some blankets and enjoy each other’s company. This is especially essential when you have the winter blues or you’re worried you’re going to fail that final that you didn’t study for. 

  3. 3. Hometown hookups (if that’s your thing)

    One perk of not being cuffed is hometown hookups. When you go home for Thanksgiving and winter break you can show everyone from high school how you glowed up. Maybe that cute artsy guy from your sophomore history class will slide into your DM’s and you can enjoy yourself before coming back up to school for the spring semester. 

  4. 4. Cuff yourself to a good book

    We all know the joke, we used to read a book a day and now we haven’t touched a book in years. But with classes almost over you’ll have more free time, and instead of spending that free time being lonely, read a book. If you’re looking for good book recommendations may I suggest, “Tell Me Lies” by Carola Lovering or “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour.

  5. 5. Try something new

    Take this time being single to explore new things like painting, baking or going to that sunrise yoga class you’ve been telling yourself you’ll try. It’s time to focus on you and what you want to do and since you’re not cuffed, there’s nothing holding you back.

  6. 6. Look on the bright side

    Most relationships that form during cuffing season don’t last, so if you’re looking for that special someone then this isn’t the time to find them and waiting will only make it better. Besides, this saves you money from dates and of course buying your boo Christmas presents, so instead take that money and buy that cute top you’ve had your eye on.

Being cuffed doesn’t mean you’re in love, and being single during cuffing season doesn’t mean you’re going to die alone. Take this time to enjoy the weather, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy all of that amazing holiday food and enjoy spending time and getting to know yourself. If you are in a relationship past the season change, remember to take care of yourself.