5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Finals Week

As we all know, finals week is here and it came faster than we all anticipated. Due to the unexpected fires in Northern California and the very poor air quality that followed, a campus closure was expected.

What I’m sure we didn’t expect was a two week long suspension of classes. Since returning to campus, professors have been trying their best to work with their newly revised course schedules. Students have had a difficult time having less time to learn in class and finish assignments. This is made even harder because everything still needs to be finished regardless.

With hectic times like these, it would take a miracle to be optimistic and motivated. Or so it seems.


Here are 5 tips to keep your head up this stress-filled finals week.


       1. Rest Up!

                                                       Photo Courtesy of cuncon on Pixabay

Listen, I know finals week is the time where everyone decides that pulling all-nighters is a great idea. Believe it or not (it’s pretty hard to not believe it), but lack of sleep heavily affects your mood and performance. If you’re looking to have a big cram session for finals, do it earlier! Try studying during the day, because then you have the full night to rest up and take on the next day fully refreshed.


     2. Make a Checklist

                                                       Photo Courtesy of StockSnap on Pixabay

When you’re constantly thinking about all the things you need to accomplish, it’s easy to overestimate everything. This can make you even more overwhelmed than you should be. Make a checklist of everything you need to finish before the end of the semester, and you’ll see that it might be a lot less than you imagined! Plus, it’s so fulfilling to slowly check off things as you finished them!


       3. Don’t Be Afraid To Take a Break

                                                            Photo Courtesy of freephotocc on Pixabay

Yes, you do have time for a break! Packing on the studying and working for hours on end can really strain your brain and drain your energy especially if you don’t take a break. Whether it’s eating a snack or watching a video on YouTube, take the time to pull your eyes away from that assignment or book. Taking a break will make you more motivated to keep on working afterwards!


     4. Spend Time With a Pet!

                                                       Photo Courtesy of Leticia Sanchez

There’s a reason why Sacramento State brings therapy dogs to campus before midterms and finals. Animals, being as pure as can be, bring us to a calm state of mind when we spend time with them. If you don’t have a pet, go to a friend’s house that does! That way you could spend quality time with sweet pets and friends. Could you ask for a better time? Whenever I spend time with my dogs, I feel like it really refreshes my mind. I’m ready to take on the world knowing they exist and are happy. It’s a good reminder that despite the chaos of finals, they’re still happy to see you and love you!


      5. Give a Gift to Yourself When You Complete a Task

                                                       Photo Courtesy of JESHOOTScom on Pixabay

It’s officially the season of not only giving, but of treating yourself. I don’t know about you, but whenever I finish an important task or an assignment I like to treat myself to something. Think of it as a mini celebration of be an accomplished and hard-working person! Whether it be a cup of coffee or that dress you’ve been eyeballing all month, having something to look forward to can really help boost your motivation to finish the task. Plus, you definitely deserve it from working so hard!

As you can see, there’s a lot of things to keep your head up this finals week. Just remember to relax, breathe and remember that after you’re finished it’s winter break! If the mere thought of winter break doesn’t sprout the least bit of motivation in you this finals week, then I don’t know what will (just kidding, they are listed above!).

I hope some of these things help you thrive this upcoming week. Good luck on finals!