5 Ways to Become the Book Lover You Once Were

Books have always been a beloved form of entertainment. However, as time has gone by, we have become more attached to the small computers we have in our pockets. I know there are a lot of us who love books, but have for whatever reason, lost touch with that feeling of being transported when picking up a book.

Thankfully Sacramento State has a lot of different clubs, resources, and events that can help you regain that love for books.

1. CSUS Friends of the Library

Spending time with books may be the easiest way to rediscover your love for literature. This group was founded in 1992 to foster a connection between the Sacramento State Library and the needs of students on campus. This group also works to create a better space in the library to serve students and the community. Friends of the Library holds special events like the Speaker Series that brings local authors to give a speech about their work. They also create a newsletter called Bookends every semester to showcase events or news about the library. You can find the Fall 2018 newsletter here. If you want to donate or volunteer, there is a membership form that will give you even more resources to take advantage of. Click here for more information on CSUS Friends of the Library.

2. English Club

Being surrounded by other book lovers is just the thing you may need. The English Club on campus has always flown under the radar. If you are interested in talking about anything English, this is the club for you! The current president, Erykah Lewis, resurrected the club from the dead in Fall 2017. English Club meets every Tuesday from 6-7PM to discuss a common theme/topic, a specific author, a genre, etc. This club is not only for English Literature majors; Everyone is welcome to come and join! The only requirement is to enjoy the discussion of literature. This club has a chill atmosphere and is a no judgment zone, so if you aren’t super well read, it doesn’t matter. The club is open to all perspectives and interests!

3. Library in the Women’s Resource Center

Reading about a different subject than you are used to may be the best way to fall in love with books all over again. The Women’s Resource Center offers lots of great resources, but one of my personal favorites has to be the library. The WRC has books focused on gender, sexuality, identity and social justice issues. Everyone is welcome to check out a book for up to a week. For more information on the WRC, click here to read more about it.

4. Calaveras Station Journal/Open Mic Night

Sharing your love for the written word is sometimes the best option to restart your passion for books. The Calaveras Station Journal is published by Sacramento State faculty and students and includes submissions from students across all majors. The next submission deadline will be in Fall 2019, so you have some time to write and polish if you wish! They also host the Open Mic Night event held in the Special Collections and University Archives every Wednesday from 3-4PM. Each week they have Featured Faculty and Student Readers come and discuss their work. They also allow anyone in the audience to come up and share any creative writing they have been working on. This is open to all students, so come and listen to other’s words and maybe even speak your truth. For the Open Mic Night Schedule, check out their Facebook page here.

5. Quidditch Club

I know Quidditch is a sport, but let me explain. Most of us grew up with the much beloved book series Harry Potter, which is the very place this sport is from. The CSUS Quidditch team practices on the field in front of The WELL every Friday from 12-2PM. So maybe watching the magic come to life or even joining the team will get you excited to imagine again the next time you pick up a book. If you are interested in joining or in cheering on our team at tournaments, email [email protected].

If you find yourself not as enthusiastic about reading, this list may just have the thing you need to restart the book lover that still exists inside of you. Keep in mind these are only a fraction of book/reading-related events or clubs on the Sacramento State campus. We haven’t even touched on the Sacramento area! So keep an eye out and good luck on finding that spark again!