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5 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe On Halloween Night

Halloween is my most favorite time of year! The leaves are falling, the weather is getting a bit chillier and we get to enjoy the spooky atmosphere. While Halloween is a chilling and thrilling time, caution is still needed (especially for women). Halloween has become a holiday for bar hopping and late nights. Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous combo. While this combo is a common weekend occurrence, Halloween encourages more people into going out and late night partying, which can result in more dangerous activities. So while enjoying your night, be sure to keep these​ safe tips in mind for you and your friends. And while some of these may seem obvious, hear me out!

1. Stay Alert and Cautious!

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During the Halloween events, it always has its moments of people trying to guess what each other’s costumes are and as you get the references, it can start to feel like you are part of a community. While it’s super fun to get to know other people, don’t let the feeling of comradery fool you. Remain vigilant and cautious around people you don’t know very well. It is easy to feel like you have become instant friends while you are feeling the Halloween spirit, but continue to practice ‘stranger danger’ and trust only your friends while you are out enjoying the night.

2. Utilize a Buddy System

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This is another obvious one, but it’s something that can never be repeated too much. Ladies take care of other ladies; use a buddy system and be watchful of your friends. Whether a friend is using the restroom, going to the bar or making a quick call outside, don’t leave each other alone. Although it may seem like overkill to be so wary, remember there is safety in numbers!

3. Make Good Decisions with Alcoholic Beverages

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For those of you who are 21+, be sure to make wise choices when it comes to drinking alcohol. By this, I mean eating a meal before drinking, drinking lots of water throughout the night, knowing your limits and staying within them, and always having a designated driver. That last one is SUPER important for everyone; have a DD before the partying starts. So you can be sure there’s no confusion and everyone gets home safely.

4. Travel Only Through Familiar Spaces

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When you are going from one place to another during Halloween night, be sure to stay on the main roads and streets. Take the most populated route to the next party or bar, this is not the night to take shortcuts through dark alleyways or empty parks. Always remain in lit up areas and be aware of your surroundings. It may be a night for fright, but let’s make sure to keep it fun and safe.

5. Use a Personal Safety App

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This tip is one to follow whether it’s Halloween or not. There are countless apps available that allow you to be proactive when it comes to your safety. Most of the personal safety apps are aimed for women, but anyone can use them. My favorite is bSafe. You set up a network of Guardians (usually friends and family) who you can keep in contact with by live-streaming, live GPS tracking or checking in on your location. It also has a SOS button that will allow your Guardians to hear and see everything that is happening if you feel unsafe. There are plenty of other features and it is available on Android and iPhone for FREE!

With these safe tips, it’ll help keep Halloween exciting and safe will be simple to do! Remember to always trust your instincts and be cautious. If you want more tips and tricks, head over to this article on safety written by Caitlyn Pilkington of UC Santa Barbara. We also have a fantastic and underused resource right here at Sacramento State in The University Union building, Women’s Resource Center. If you have any questions on practicing safety during Halloween, head on over and they will be happy to help. So stay spooky and have a ghoulish time!



To start off, my name is Shawntay Arroyo and I am the Senior Editor for the Sacramento State chapter of Her Campus. I am an English Major and I intend on getting my Masters in English Literature with an emphasis on the American Gothic. I want to go into publishing, hopefully as an editor, and will also pursue freelance writing. I love my books, a teapot full of Chai tea, rainy weather, and working on my bullet journal.
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