5 Tips to Follow This Black Friday

 It's the time of year where shopping is crucial for the upcoming holidays. We might or might not have all of our shopping done yet, and it's okay if you haven't completed your shopping for the upcoming holidays because Black Friday is almost here. Here are a few tips to steal the deals this Black Friday. 

  1. 1. Do Your Research

    Make sure you do your research before spending your entire paycheck on shopping. Also, read the ads that come in the mail, or even better search for them online. 

  2. 2. Get There Early, Early, Early

    I remember one year I ate Thanksgiving dinner early to make sure I got the camera I wanted. Some deals are worth it and some deals aren’t the best. After you have an idea of what you want to buy during Black Friday, you should immediately go to the designated area for that item and get in line. For example, in order to get that camera from Walmart, I had to wait extra early in line so I could get what I needed.


  3. 3. Some Deals Aren’t Worth It

    If you have realized that some items are repetitive of the previous Black Fridays, it's better to realize sooner than later and waste your Thanksgiving getting the same deals you got previously.

  4. 4. Cyber Monday

    If you are someone that wants to enjoy stuffing yourself in that Thanksgiving dinner but you want to shop as well, I recommend Cyber Monday deals. Cyber Monday has similar deals and you don’t need to waste your time waiting in line or even worry about eating dinner early. 

  5. 5. Shop With a Friend

    It's always more fun shopping with a friend than shopping by yourself. You can take anyone to go shopping with you, from your sister to your best friend. Plus someone should be there when you need that second opinion. The lines are a nightmare during Black Friday, and maybe your partner can help save your spot in line while you go and get something else. It's always better being with someone else!

Whether you choose to shop during Black Friday sale or shop from your bed during Cyber Monday, the choice is yours. Make sure you have all of these tips and tricks up your sleeve to get the best of the best deals!