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5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean On A Time Crunch!

With finals right around the corner, it’s hard to think about anything else. However as the semester comes to an end, remember to be more proactive and starting decluttering!

Get Rid of Old Clothes & Items

I know you might really like this old sweater that you got from a close family relative, but if you’re not using it what’s the point of having it? If you find yourself not using something and you’re running out of space, maybe it’s time to throw it out!
There are many sustainable things to do with old clothes too! The main way people get rid of clothes is to donate them to thrift stores or shelters that need the supplies. You can also give things to friends or family, or you can recycle old clothing into something new and functional. That stack of old t-shirts you have can be made into a quilt!

Throw Out Old Paper

Papers are something that we are constantly surrounded by. Either from work, school or old projects. It’s easy to hoard and collect all these papers without thought. Take some time to file important or sentimental papers such as bills, birth certificates, photographs, etc.

Throw away old papers that you might not need such as old school notes, scratch paper, unneeded or old essays, etc. Really anything and everything you will not be using or needing.

Use Organizational Tools

If you have things that don’t have a home or a proper place to belong, don’t worry! What you can do is use organization items and extra storage space to help you out. You can use storage container, cabinets, bookshelves, binders and a file cabinet.

So if you have a lot of photo albums, you can store them in a storage box or put them on a bookshelf. For papers, you can file them away in a file cabinet or organize them in a binder to be displayed on a bookshelf for easy access. If you end up using a lot of storage boxes, you can store them in an unused cabinet, basement or storage closet.

Clean High Traffic Places

If your place looks clean for the most part and you’re short on time, then you cut the amount of work to be done in half! Clean the high traffic areas that must be regularly cleaned, such as the bathroom, kitchen and your bedroom.

Clean visible areas such as countertops, tables, toilet seats, fridge, windows and blinds, pantry, desk and closets.

Wash that Huge Pile of Laundry

Maybe you don’t have much cleaning to do or maybe you’re too busy to do so much cleaning! Whether or not we have the time, there’s still an important thing that we must clean. Our laundry! It can be super fast and easy as long as we stay focused. Washing dirty clothes, bedsheets, pillow cases and blankets are definitely worth the great feeling you get when you don’t have to look at a huge pile of dirty laundry.

I hope these tips help you think about decluttering your home a bit over summer break!

Jasmine Duong

Sacramento '22

Hello, I’m Jasmine Duong. I’m a second year at Sacramento State, majoring in pre-nursing with a minor in dance and/or nutrition. My hobbies include reading, doing makeup, exercising, hanging with anyone, shopping, & dancing! If I’m not studying, you can find me all over campus socializing!
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