4 Simple Steps to Becoming an Organization Guru This Semester

The start of a new semester can be looked at as a fresh start or clean slate. New classes, professors and books can help all of us practice new study habits that can set us up for a successful semester. With this excitement and a new vibe in the air, it is easy to get overwhelmed with a new schedule and responsibilities. Below are a few tips that will help you get back in the swing of things!


Invest in a Planner

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As we all know, being a student can be overwhelming. To-do lists never end, events are always happening on campus and coursework never seems to ease during these long 16 weeks. A planner is a lifesaver when the demands of classes seem unbearable. Exams, papers, and presentations pile up all at the same time. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache with a planner. With so many options to choose from such as Apple Calendars, Google Calendar, Weekly, Monthly, and Daily layouts, you will be sure to find a system that fits your lifestyle. Affordable planners can be purchased at your local Target, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.


Color Coordinate Your Notebooks & Binders

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Color Coordinating your books is essential to staying organized. By assigning a color to each subject, you will easily be able to identify what notebooks you need for the day. Do this by using the same color pens, notebooks and tabs for each subject. An example of this would be to have every tab, notebook, and notes green for the subject biology. Not only will this look aesthetically pleasing, but it will prevent you from losing track of your notes!


Stick to a Study Schedule


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Scheduling when and where you plan to study can help you stick to finishing an assignment or preparing for an exam. Use a planner to allot time for when, where, and even how you will be spending your evening in the library or at your desk. Committing to this simple task will not only help you earn high grades this semester but get in a routine of studying so you don't procrastinate!


Plan Ahead

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Take advantage of syllabus week by writing down in advance when every assignment is due for every class. This way, you’ll know when to expect deadlines and can get ahead on assignments. Taking this simple and preventive measure will help you feel more prepared for the semester ahead and ease your mind when midterms and finals season comes around.


Overall, these easy tips and tasks can help you earn your highest grades and help you avoid the stress that comes with a new schedule and classes.