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4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

It’s 2019, and that means that there have already been countless studies released stating that we contribute to a good amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. People can now go online and fill out a questionnaire, where the end result is your specific contribution to carbon emissions into the atmosphere, which is your carbon footprint.

This has caused many to change their ways by going green and take steps to keep our planet cleaner. Some find going completely green to be difficult, but luckily there are small, easy steps one can take to help our planet, steps you may have never thought twice about doing.

Here are 4 easy ways you can lower your carbon footprint:


Eat Locally-Sourced Food

When you eat locally, you’re not transporting food from afar by truck, ship or plane. This means that you are saving the need for fossil fuels, both for fueling the mode of transportation and for cooling the food to prevent it from spoiling. You can eat locally by shopping at the local farmer’s market or by searching for restaurants in the area that serve locally-sourced food. Old Soul here in Sacramento serves delicious local food if you need a place to start!

Don’t Drive When You Don’t Need To!

Listen, I know you don’t want to walk to the Starbucks that’s only a mile away in the morning but Mother Earth would be happy if you did! Instead of driving to places that are 1-2 miles away, try either walking, taking the train or riding a bike there instead. You can ride SacRT for free with the Commuter Sleeve provided by Sacramento State, mind as well take advantage of it while saving the Earth!

Turn Everything Off If You Aren’t Using Them

This includes water, The TV, lights, and any other appliances. Saving energy in your home is probably the easiest thing to do, as long as you remember to do it. Breaking the habit of leaving things on will benefit you and the planet!

Always use Reusables.

This includes reusable containers as well as clothes. Shopping at the thrift store instead of buying new clothes significantly helps to decrease your carbon footprint. Always use a reusable water bottle if you want to drink something on-the-go, and use a sturdy reusable container for eating food on the go. I personally love the reusable water bottle tip, because it prevents the need for buying plastic water bottles. While you always have the option to recycle, it’s best to do what you can to lower your plastic intake in the first place so there’s less of a need to recycle. Always consume less plastic.

I hope these tips help you become a little greener! Mother Earth is our home, and we must protect her at all costs. Creating a sustainable living condition on Earth is the goal, so our younger generations can live comfortably. Please do your part in keeping the Earth clean, and spread the word so others can go green as well!

Leticia is a Campus Correspondent and graduating senior at Sacramento State University. She majors in Sociology and minors in Journalism, hoping to one day serve justice whether that be through writing articles, engaging in social studies, or both. When she isn't racking her brain for pitches on her next story, she's probably taking pictures with her Nikon D3300 while listening to the latest Real Friends album.
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