3 Tips for when a SoCal Girl Moves to NorCal

Two worlds collide when a LA girl moves to college for her first semester in northern California. Seriously, what a culture shock. The scenery changed from palm trees and cacti- to redwoods. “Hella,” has suddenly made its way into my vocabulary with how often I hear it. Yes, we are all one unified, haughty state when it comes to how we view the other “fly-over” states, but regionally, California is very different.

1. The Weather is Totally Different

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But it’s always sunny in LA….

For starters, the shift in weather is significant. My first time witnessing leaves turn colors was a memorable experience. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into- after all, its California, right? I brought plenty of cable knit sweaters, and thought I was well prepared for the fall and winter ahead. Apparently, I was wrong. When my NorCal native friends got a glimpse inside my closet, they laughed! They described the winters in northern California as intense, streets are flooded and icy winds tend to cut right through thick jackets. In LA, I can visit the beach wearing a bikini during the month of January. This was an absolute shock to me to hear about the harsh winters in northern California. Experiencing my first “real” winter season change made me run to the mall for some wool sweaters, parka jackets and a splash of rain gear. A cardigan certainly wasn’t going to withstand this weather while trekking to classes in the heavy rain, but at least I got an excuse to do some shopping.

2. OMG... Fooooood

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Mars

I quickly learned that northern California is actually quite the foodie destination. There are some restaurants here locally that remind me of my own favorites from back home like Urth Café and Alfred Tea Room which are delicious like Selland’s Market-Cafe, which is just a short distance from Sacramento State’s campus down on Hst. (Avocado toast anywhere you go- yay!) There’s also a Dutch Bros, which is exclusive to certain areas and some people here rave about it being the best coffee ever. Sacramento is actually known for being “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.” Agriculture and fresh produce is something that this region prides itself in. One thing I will admit about LA is they have much better Mexican food than the Sacramento area. The diversity in the cuisine is something that I appreciate so much about home. Though I am still getting used to living in Sacramento and exploring the surrounding areas, I haven’t been disappointed by the food variety.

3. The Best Places to Visit

Photo Courtesy of Dakota Corbin

The “must-see” destination spots in Los Angeles are sunny, sandy beaches like Laguna Beach or Santa Monica, Griffith Observatory for Instagram-worthy pics and my personal favorite: The Getty Center. When I came to Sac State I was eager to find places that were just as Instagram-worthy, and to my surprise- I did! Midtown has been my go-to spot on the weekends, when I’m not swamped with homework. There are plenty of cute places to shop around in, restaurants and cafes that are sure to be up to any foodie blogger’s standards!

My biggest takeaway moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento has been an adventure to find my favorite spots that make me feel at home. This experience has made me learn to appreciate the changes in weather, trying new food and taking the time to explore the hidden gems in the city. It doesn’t matter whether we hail from the City of Angels or from the Bay Area, we all struggle to find parking, we care about the environment (the tree-hugger stereotype is very real), but more importantly- we are hella fortunate to be able to reside in such a beautiful state!