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The semester has officially started, and sooner or later we’ll have loads of assignments or studying to do. It can get extremely stressful throughout the semester, but if you’re responsible and organized, you can cruise your way through school just fine! Here are 3 apps I recommend you download that will help you stay organized and productive this year.


   1. Canvas Student

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At Sacramento State, we use Canvas to access our courses online. I find it extremely useful and productive to download the Canvas app on my phone. Sometimes I will be busy and won’t have the time to pull out my laptop from my backpack to view anything relevant to the course. Instead, with my phone, I am able to have so much more accessible in a short amount of time and much more conveniently. I can see any notifications from professors, assignment deadline, exam dates, and have access to powerpoints and documents.


   2. Google Drive 

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Throughout our college years, we can expect to write many papers and keep important documents. It’s essential to have access to a platform that can save and store all your files for school. Google drive is my favorite because it is simple and straightforward and it’s easy to share your files with friends, peers or colleagues. You can upload your files in google drive or you can create your own files from google docs, google powerpoint and google spreadsheets.

A great benefit is that if you forget to save and exit the browser on accident, google drive automatically saves any changes you made!


  3. Quizlet

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People prefer rereading their notes or utilizing handwritten flashcards because when you write the material down, you will most likely retain the information. That is true, however, that is only when you are engaged in the material. Engagement is key to retaining information.

Quizlet works the same way as flashcards, except that it doesn’t waste your time writing the words by hand. Quizlet utilizes an online platform and provides better and effective ways to study the material. As long as you read as you type, it’s the same as writing by hand. If you type just to get the words down, you’re not paying attention and you’re most likely not going to learn or remember the information.

What I love about Quizlet is that it gives you a variety of options to study. This is useful during exam time. There is a learning option, which you are given a question or term and 4 answer choices to select from. This helps you become familiar with the material and helps you practice recalling the information. Once you have become familiar with the terms, you can do a testing or study option, where you can continue to review the material or take an actual test. If you find it difficult to study, there are also more interactive ways to study.

Jasmine Duong

Sacramento '22

Hello, I’m Jasmine Duong. I’m a second year at Sacramento State, majoring in pre-nursing with a minor in dance and/or nutrition. My hobbies include reading, doing makeup, exercising, hanging with anyone, shopping, & dancing! If I’m not studying, you can find me all over campus socializing!
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