The Tattoos of Sacramento State: Issue No. 2

The tattoos of Sacramento State is a feature on all of the beautiful body art that students have here. Every tattoo is unique in its own way and tells a story about the person who has it. This is a biweekly series to showcase five students and their ink. If you have a tattoo you would like featured, please submit it to us at HCSacState on Instagram or email us at [email protected].

Mikayla Furrow, 23, Communications major

Furrow got the henna-like tattoo of the sun when she was 19 at American Tradition Tattoo.

“This tattoo I got for my mom, she always calls me her ball of sunshine or that I remind her of the sun because of my personality and warmth I bring to a room,” Furrow says.

Maria Ceja, 22, Journalism major

Ceja got the tattoo of her birth year at a local shop, Exclusive Ink, in Salinas, California.

“The tattoo doesn’t have a special meaning really, I thought it was a cool piece to have and I was inspired by Rihanna. She has the same tattoo just different year and she’s also one of my favorite female artists,” Ceja says

Jannette Avila, 20, Social Work major

Avila got this tattoo of The Great Wave when she was 18 at Reclamare Tattoo by David.

“Well first I got it because it looks amazing, but also because life is about ups and downs and you just have to keep surfing the waves and try to not let me take you down,” Avila says.

Jhonatan Laguardia, 21, Child Development Major

The tattoo of Laguardia’s take on the yin yang symbol was done when he was 20 at Pretty in Ink.

“The tattoo is basically a take on the yin yang symbol. And recently I’ve started doing more things that involve going out into nature and I realized just how much I like to hike and camp as well as visiting the beach or even just listening to waves. I guess it just my way of saying how I want to have a balance of those two elements in my life either now or later,” Laguardia says.

Hailey Cross, 23, Psychology Major

Cross was 23 when she got this tattoo of Medusa at 12 Monkeys Tattoos.

“She is a Greek myth or not such a myth. All my tattoos have, like, super significant meaning to me and so I think that’s why I get them, its kind of a form of expression in a way. And I think that as tragic as her story is if you can see the beauty of it, it lets you see the beauty in bad situations, so that’s kind of why I got her,” Cross says.