Best Celebrity Moments of Valentine's Day 2019

Celebrities can be extravagant, but their time to really shine is the holidays. Some celebrities rock Halloween or Christmas, but these celebrities stole the show this Valentine’s Day. These swoon-worthy and jaw-dropping acts of romance were enough to melt the hearts of even the most bitterly single people.


1. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's Engagement

Image Courtesy of Instagram

This was the most talked about moment this Valentine’s Day. The pop superstar shared this peak of her and her new fiance with a glimpse of her gorgeous ring that looks like it came straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.


2. Kylie Jenner’s Aisle of Heart-Shaped Roses

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Travis Scott knows how to spoil a woman, the rose display was estimated to cost around $67,000 according to a People article. This display was first previewed on February 13th by Kylie on Snapchat, who had also sent heart-shaped bouquets of roses to her family.


3. Kim Kardashian Being Serenaded by Kenny G

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Kanye outdid himself this year by getting the world-renowned saxophonist to come and play for his wife in a room full of roses. Will Smith later made his own mock video of the moment to let Kanye West know he will be available for next year’s festivities.


4. Miley Cyrus Posting Memes for her New Hubby Liam Hemsworth

Image Courtesy of Twitter

The newlyweds are madly in love and Cyrus spent her Valentine’s Day spamming the internet with her wedding photos, making us all jealous of the intimate ceremony. However, the most memorable photo that Miley posted was this tweet that went viral, which was appropriate for the 5 year anniversary of her album Bangerz.


5. Ariana Grande Celebrating With New Merch

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Ariana Grande, the queen of pop herself, celebrated Valentine’s Day with a limited edition merch collection. This collection included “break up with your girlfriend” sweaters and “thank u, next” candy hearts that are perfect especially for anyone who celebrates Valentine’s Day alone.