Appreciation for Female Authors

Losing yourself in a good book is sometimes necessary in order to get away from the constant pressure of social media, school and the “real” world. Personally, as a more shy, reserved and awkward kid I used to love reading. My pre-teen years were full of classics such as the Lauren Conrad series, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Princess Diaries. While I have grown out of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series and now occupy my time reading articles regarding current policy and laws, I can’t help but look back on how female authors have not only impacted my education but future career goals. The direct role that these women have had on many young girl’s lives is unimaginable, and it is important to recognize this need for modern authors to be able to add their own content to libraries, bookstores and online platforms (such as Kindle).

Some Authors to Keep an Eye On…

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While the classics will always be adored and loved, new authors are quickly arising. Some modern women authors are now tapping into the topics of self-love, mental health, politics, and beauty while having a quick take on the reality of being a woman in current times. One author who stands out is Rebeca Traister. Her book, titled “All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and The Rise of an Independent Nation” highlights the truth of what being a single American woman is like. Another good read from Rebecca Traister is “Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women.” In this novel, she writes about her own perspective on how the election altered the political and professional atmosphere for women.


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As of late, female authors have been writing about their own knowledge on self-care, mental health and beauty. Some new reads include: “Pretty Iconic” and “Pretty Honest” by Sali Hughes. Both books take a logical approach to how someone can effectively spend their money on beauty products. In the book “Pretty Iconic,” author Sali Hughes writes a love letter to makeup and how a variation of products has affected her life. In addition to this novel, Sali Hughes’ book “Pretty Honest” adds her own input into the cosmetic industry and provides tips and tricks that can help improve someone's skills and views on makeup products.


Why We Need Strong Female Authors

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Female authors have the opportunity to change the narrative by being a role model for young girls and inspiring the greater public with their opinions and voice. Female authors have the power to lead the next generation and inspire a love of reading and education. Some of the classics, such as the Harry Potter and Princess Diaries series, certainly inspired my love of reading and writing. During this time, it is important to recognize the impact that female authors have. More than ever, we need female voices in our world to inspire and lead the way for future generations of strong female writers.