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As we move from teenage years to adulthood, life can get more and more stressful and fast-paced. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed which is why it’s imperative to take breaks and relax. Something that can help with relaxing would be to own a pet. Pets can bring a lot of happiness and positivity from merely their presence and they’ll always be there for us no matter what. There are various reasons to own a pet.

 Pets Provide Emotional Support

 Especially during our times of the month, women experience many different emotions usually because of the hormone ‘estrogen’. Whether we feel happy, sad, angry, or any other emotion, petting and hugging a dog or a cat can make the biggest difference. The emotions we feel with them allow us to forget about our worries and live in the moment with them. That’s how I feel about my cat. Any emotion I feel, I want my cat beside me because she’ll either make me feel better if it’s a negative emotion or she’ll boost the already good emotion that I’m feeling.

 Pets Help Lower Stress

 Unfortunately, women for the most part, are still seen as being the primary caretakers in a home while working a job and other responsibilities. It gets even harder when we have kids since we end up being a mother, a teacher, a cook, a cleaner, a driver, etc. as well. Women who are placed under a lot of stress and are single will benefit from having a pet as well since it aids in coping with stress and lowering tension. Owning a pet can lower detrimental stress hormones such as ‘cortisol’ and bringing good hormones like ‘oxytocin’ out instead.

 Pets Are Reliable

 Pets, such as a dog or a cat will be by your side from one year to the next. They’ll listen to you rant, kiss you, hug you, and be there for you. A pet will never be embarrassed by you, judge you, or disrespect you regardless of how you act or how much weight you gain. Your pet will always love you and will be on your side through thick and thin.

 With the COVID-19 pandemic going on and being stuck in your home, right now is the perfect time to get a furry friend if you don’t have one already. Especially if you live alone since it can get lonely and quiet very fast. Personally, I have a one-year-old ragdoll kitty and I’m getting a new kitten on Valentine’s Day as well. 


Maheen Arshad

Ryerson '21

Maheen is an aspiring lawyer currently finishing her Bachelor's Degree at Ryerson University in Languages and Intercultural Relations with a concentration in Language & Cognition. She loves exploring new restaurants (usually Italian because it's her favourite) and spending time with family and friends. When she's not writing and editing for Her Campus, Maheen is spending her time volunteering at multiple organizations and preparing for Law School!
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