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Five Small Things That Can Elevate Any Workspace

In these unprecedented times, nearly everyone is working from home in some capacity. If you are able to, it is so important to have a dedicated workspace. This can increase efficiency, creativity and overall foster a more productive work environment. It can be difficult to focus when working from home because there are constantly a slew of things begging for your attention and it can be hard for your brain to differentiate when it’s time to work and when it’s time to take a step back.

Having a comfortable, dedicated workspace allows you to get in the zone and focus. It teaches your body that when you are in that space, it is time to work.

I have been working from home for many months now, so here a couple of small things I have done to elevate my space:

Good lighting

This is essential! Lighting has a prominent effect on us and it plays a role in setting our natural “body clock.” Workspace lighting can affect our productivity as well. Bad lighting, especially when used for long periods of time, strains your eyes, causes headaches and can eventually even lead to some eye related illnesses. Not only is proper lighting good for you, it can also bear aesthetic advantages. Generally, people use soft warm white, neutral white, or cool white light. Experiment with these to see which suits you best. For work I prefer neutral white and in my room I like to have warm lights. You can get lightbulbs of varying types from most department and hardware stores for a couple of dollars. I can say from personal experience that it truly makes a difference!



Candles are a great way to elevate any space! They create a great ambiance, atmosphere and of course emit a wonderful smell. They can also be used as a decor piece. Candles help you relax and calm down, relieving tension and anxiety. Lighting a candle always helps me get in the zone to produce my best work!

Essential Oil Diffusers

I am always raving about my diffuser, it is great! They help improve sleep, boost your immune system, reduce anxiety, eliminate odour and increase energy among many other things. They can be more cost effective in the long run than candles are, so I would definitely recommend reading up on diffusers and the myriad of benefits they offer with the use of different essential oils. They come from a range of price points and can be found on Amazon for under $20 Canadian. I have had mine for three years now and it is definitely worth the investment. I still use the same small bottle of lavender essential oil I purchased years ago, it is a great source of aromatherapy.


These are a great way to spice up and add character to any space. They can also work to boost inspiration, motivation and creativity. I love arranging a sort of vision board/print collage on top of my desk, it adds to the aesthetic of my room while motivating me to do my best.


 Not only do plants look good, they make you feel good too. Tying aspects of nature into your space is always a good idea. Plants work to boost your creativity, mood, productivity and concentration. They help to clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen, and help reduce stress levels as well. They can be therapeutic to care for and can give life to an otherwise sterile space.

Let’s be honest: working from home can be tough. Hopefully, incorporating these five things into your workspace will make it a little easier!

Second year journalism student based in Toronto. Passionate social justice advocate. Lover of words, food, fashion, art, details and all things dainty.
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