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Bryson Tiller’s Christmas Album Review

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Step aside Mariah Carey, Bryson Tiller has other plans this season. The R&B artist dropped his oh so soulful Christmas album, A Different Christmas, on Nov. 19, and ever since, it’s been sending holiday vibrations through our bodies. 

Tiller’s opener on the album, “be mine this christmas,” fools its listeners with a typical classical Christmas symphony that makes you want to wrap up by the wood-burning fireplace. However, this wave of nostalgia only lasts a few seconds and suddenly merges into that common Bryson Tiller beat that sets up the vibe for the rest of the album. 

The song, which seems to be all about wanting that one particular person you can’t have during the holiday season, sounds more like a track straight out of the R&B vault than a Christmas song, but hey––we’re here for it. 

Another favourite track of mine is one of the most popular from the album, “lonely christmas,” feat. Justin Bieber and Poo Bear. Of course, what’s a Christmas album without featuring the mistletoe king, himself? The sound isn’t typical for Tiller, starting with a hard acoustic strum on the guitar, but we quickly begin to familiarize the harmonies between Justin and Bryson. Once again, the track seems to be about being alone on Christmas, all while wanting that one particular person to be with you. 

The last track on the album might be the most wholesome of them all. Tiller sings his cover of the Christmas classic “Winter Wonderland,” featuring the cutest vocals from his daughter, Halo. If you are looking for a song on the album that really encapsulates the Christmas spirit, this would be the one. The whole track features a live orchestra in the background, and the rawness between Tiller and his daughter singing together brings the whole meaning behind the holidays alive. Of course, the singer’s smooth vocals never fail to add to the feel-good vibe of the song. 

I think it’s safe to say that most people never expected R&B superstar Bryson Tiller to put out a Christmas album. However, no one is complaining. Even his love songs on the album offer listeners that nostalgia they look for in December. Somehow, Tiller managed to mix the spirit of the holidays with his moody style, making everyone want to bump to his relatable love songs. After all, what is a Bryson Tiller album without asking, “who hurt him?”

Kate Jones is a Her Campus Contributing Writer. Kate is currently studying Journalism at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Ontario. Along with Her Campus, Kate has written for NewWave Magazine and currently produces and hosts her own radio show, Fem Radio at CJRU 1280 AM. In her free time, Kate enjoys exercising, baking (and then eating everything she baked!), and travelling.
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