Bettering Myself in Quarantine

We’ve all been stuck in our homes, the temptation to laze around and be unproductive is strong for everyone. However,  I’ve found myself becoming more attentive to my life and personal needs. I’m no longer on the go all the time, eating junk food, and having my thoughts filled with material from my lectures. I’ve learned to become mindful of the present moment, letting go of negative emotions that constrain me from being happy. It’s important to care for yourself, whether it be reading, exercising, or eating well. We may only have this one opportunity to really focus and make time for ourselves before our lives return to normal, so make sure to take advantage of it. 

I loved to read books growing up. I remember being so excited when I finally got a library card in elementary school. I would borrow books and happily bring them home. I didn’t realize it at the time but that’s when my passion for writing began as well. I was so infatuated with stories; I’d read while a movie would play out in my head, visualizing it coming to life. My curiosity would intensify while I’d go through each page, dying to know what’ll come next. The shock would overpower my body as the story came to an unexpected end and make my adrenaline go through the roof. But as I entered university, I no longer had the time to read for pleasure anymore. 

This quarantine has benefited me in a couple of ways, first because I actually have time to start reading again (and not just scholarly articles for my research essays). I’ve begun reading books on the law of attraction and manifesting things I want in life and learning how to chase after them.

I also want to improve my mental and physical health, since I currently don’t have a busy routine that would lead me to neglect my well-being. I’ve been exercising in my basement and following workout routines on Youtube to stay active. It’s a way to release stress, particularly from bottling it all up throughout this dreadful semester.  

Plus, I’ve been saving money and feel great about not spending so recklessly. I don’t eat out anymore, and I’ve been cooking at home so I can save up and buy things I really need, instead of want 

I’ve been trying to get in tune with myself, finally becoming more aware of my surroundings. My spirituality has also been a significant factor in helping me through this quarantine because I want to become more religious and develop a strong relationship with God. Ramadan is coming up very soon and it’s important I begin praying more, as I will be fasting while becoming more knowledgeable about the potential of Islam. 

I honestly believe this quarantine has been a wakeup call. We’ve become so invested in productivity in our society that we don’t value simplicity anymore. I no longer have to worry about setting my early morning alarm in order to catch a bus and sit in lecture rooms the whole day. Growing accustomed to routine habits has prevented us from being adventurous and finding new things we genuinely enjoy. It’s refreshing and I’m grateful to find some positivity in these unprecedented times.