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In the realm of sex work, OnlyFans has quickly become a popular site to subscribe to accounts which post sexually explicit photos and videos. As the site’s main content creators, young women (18+) have taken OnlyFans by the reins to subvert the way the porn industry has all too often exploited women. By giving content creators control over their income and the distribution of their content, OnlyFans has emerged as a tool to sexually empower women and lead to their financial independence. 

Established in 2016, OnlyFans has since paid out over $600 million to its upwards of 450,000 content creators. 

“When I started this all, it was kind of just a joke. I never liked the way I looked and never thought I could pull off anything like OnlyFans. As I did it more and gained more of a following, I started to feel a lot more confident and sexy. I started to see myself as desirable,” says OnlyFans content creator Anna May (@anna_may00).

The OnlyFans community has generated a safe environment which has allowed its creators to become more in tune with their sensuality. Those within the community root for each other’s success and celebrate their differences, a big confidence booster. 

“Sexually, I am more open and honest. I don’t mind talking about sex or my body anymore. Something about seeing yourself naked in pictures and videos all the time really let me get in touch with my body and feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Not only did OnlyFans increase Anna May’s confidence, but it also helped her own her sexuality.

Remember, sex work is real work and does require a certain commitment to be successful. 

“I do OnlyFans and Panty Deals. During the summer I basically worked 9-5 on the sites to get exposure and business. It’s great money, if you’re willing to put in the work and have the tools, it can really put you in a great spot finically,” says Anna May.

OnlyFans subscriptions range from $4.99-$49.99/month. This amount adds up quickly with the more subscribers an account gains. However, OnlyFans does obtain 20% commission and content creators must pay taxes on their earnings. 

A decision to become an OnlyFans sex worker is not something to be taken lightly, remember to be safe and to only post what you feel comfortable with. Some content creators, like Anna May decide to use an alias, choose not to advertise through their personal social media or show their faces however, some do.

The great thing about these choices is that they’re yours to make. 

Maria Couto

Ryerson '22

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