The Up and Up of the DivaCup

In recent years, the DivaCup and menstrual cups alike, have gained more and more popularity. From its cost-effectiveness to its sustainability, the DivaCup has countless benefits. As a chemical free alternative to tampons, the DivaCup can be worn up to 12 hours before necessary removal. While there are some differences between using the DivaCup versus a tampon, the transition to the reusable cup will give your period the upgrade it deserves.

Have an eco-friendly period

Generally, your period will last around 40 years. All the pads and tampons that those who menstruate use within their lifetime add up and the plastic packaging and applicators end up sitting in landfills. The amazing thing about the DivaCup is that, with the proper care, it lasts for several years! 

Try this on for size 

Like tampons, DivaCups come in different sizes which depend on your age and menstrual flow. Different sizes are categorized as: 

Model 0 for ages 18 and under 

Model 1 for ages 19-30 with a medium menstrual flow 

Model 2 for ages 30 and up and/or someone with a heavier menstrual flow

That’s supposed to fit up there?

While the width of the DivaCup can be intimidating at first, it’s a learning curve that can easily be mastered. By bending the DivaCup in half and inserting it into your vagina at around a 45° angle, the silicone material allows for a smooth entry. Don’t be scared if your first few times involve you standing up with your foot on the bathtub; like I said, it’s a learning curve. Before it’s fully inserted, pinch the base of the cup and give it one full turn to create the suction seal which prevents leaks. 

How to Scrub

For everyday use, simply wash your DivaCup in a drop of DivaWash and warm water. While this soap brand is not exactly necessary, it is recommended as it is a 100% plant-based wash designed to protect the material of the DivaCup as well as the pH balance of your vagina. Before your first use and in between every few cycles, your DivaCup should sit in boiling water for 5-10 minutes for disinfectant purposes as well as to remove any discolouration that may begin to appear. 


While the DivaCup is an amazing product, some might not be so comfortable with vaginal insertion and that’s totally okay! Luckily, there are other environmentally friendly menstrual product alternatives which remain on the outside of your body such as reusable pads or absorbent undies. These items share reusable, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective benefits with the DivaCup.