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Commuting is no easy task. Some people like it while many despise it. Most people will have to commute at some point in their lives, and this is the reality many students face. Now that things are starting to open up again after a roughly two-year battle against COVID-19, many people are beginning to commute to school or work. Take a look at the checklist below to ensure your commute is the best it can be. 

What to bring

Pack lightly! You do not want to lug around a huge backpack full of stuff you won’t use or have to keep track of multiple bags/items. I recommend bringing a small care package with wipes, breath mints, lip balm, etc., to ensure you feel fresh and ready to take on the day.

Bring a snack! You never know when you will get hungry and it is always good to be prepared. It will also help prevent unnecessary spending on unhealthy food for convenience. On the same note, be sure to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. 

What to wear

When commuting, it is always important to layer. You never know when the vehicle will be hot or cold, and the weather can constantly fluctuate. Comfort is key. You can easily add and remove clothing to stay comfortable when you layer. Comfortable shoes are also a must.

What to do

I would highly recommend bringing something to do, especially if you take public transit. This could be reading a book, drawing, listening to music or your favourite podcast. You can even crochet! For those driving, listening to something you enjoy is a good choice!

If you struggle with staying awake during the ride, set an alarm on your phone to ensure you know which stop to get off at. Nobody likes finding their way home far from their intended destination. 

Try not to leave last-minute work for your commute that is due when you arrive at your desired destination. It can be stressful and can leave you frazzled. If you plan on doing work, make sure you stay productive and do not overwork yourself. 

Always get to the stop at least five minutes before (unless you are taking the subway)! This will ensure that you are not rushing and will prevent you from having to deal with the consequences of missing your scheduled ride. Make sure to have your card or ticket ready to go as well!

If you follow the tips above, I can assure you that you will have a much better commute than if you didn’t!

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