5 YouTubers to Spend your Study Break Watching

  1. 1. Jonna Jinton

    Jonna is an artistic Youtuber from Northern Sweden. Her videos are meticulously crafted to immerse viewers in the beauty and mystery of the Swedish forests. She produces versatile videos ranging from taking ice baths, kulning, musical compositions, natural pigment painting and so much more. Jonna’s vlogs are pure heartfelt masterpieces that deliver genuine positivity and hope.

  2. 2. Katherine Karas

    Katherine is a vlogger currently studying photography in New York. With an eye for aesthetic and patient piano music, Katherine’s videos focus on the meditative simplicity of everyday tasks. In which she creates a quiet atmosphere where viewers can let the stress of pending deadline seep away for a brief stretch in time.

  3. 3. Damon Dominique

    Damon is an American living out his Parisian dream. His videos  are gorgeously charming and his humour knows no limits. His videos range from local vlogs in Paris, red wine talks, language chats, travel diaries... whatever he feels like uploading really. He is that one friend with all the energy. He’ll make you cackle even on a bad day. 

  4. 4. The Purple Palace 

    Shayna is another American living out her Parisian dream. As a visual art major, her videos emulate her artistic voice. Much of her videos are beautifully personal vlogs that bring viewers along with artistic, poetic and oh so Parisian days. She also is good friends with Damon Dominique, and they have done a hilarious collaboration.


  5. 5. Nicole Rafiee 

    Nicole Rafiee is a spunky and cheesy Youtuber who’s well versed in meme culture. Her channel is filled with relatable content and advice that feels just like a friend. She’s got spunk andhumourr that will keep you upbeat!