Why It's Important to Celebrate Our Galentines

Traditionally, the day that is the staple of the month of February, Valentine's Day, is the day that couples look forward to and the singles dread. But the new up and coming day that has become more popular with each passing year is the day before, February 13, more commonly known as Galentine's Day. The day is dedicated to celebrating platonic friendships between girlfriends, ladies celebrating ladies. While the friendships that we have in our lives should be celebrated and appreciated everyday, creating a holiday for it and going against the romantic norms that typically consume the days around Valentines Day, adds a special flame to the celebration and makes it more exciting. 

As Galentine’s Day grows in popularity, the question arises: Why is celebrating our female friends so important? The best answer to this question I have for you is, in the simplest terms, is happiness, longevity, and consistency. It has been proven that the empowering, intuitive and intimate friendships made between girls improves mental health and increases dopamine levels, creating a greater longevity in women's lives. It is safe to say that significant others come in and out of our lives, making us sad, angry, and upset, but with the adieu that comes with each one, our girlfriends are always there when we need someone to turn to; whether it is good or bad. From experience, the advice given and words spoken from girlfriend to girlfriend work in a mystifying way of bringing out the best in one another, even when times are tough. Aside from the inspiring words they share, I’ve never experienced an opportunity where I haven’t had a girlfriend be down to listen to what I have to say, lend a helping hand, spend a girls night in, or dress up and have a spontaneous night out. This eagerness and availability is what makes the bonds between girlfriends so special. 

Now not only does the holiday improve mental health and increase dopamine levels, creating a greater longevity in women's lives, but it also highlights the political power of female relationships. Many friendships between women in history have taken monumental steps to pave the way for future women to break the glass ceiling. Some of these include Pauli Murray and Elenor Roosevelt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Nina Totenberg, and Lucy Stone and Antoinette Brown. The friendships of these women, and the ones that we are engaged in, should be celebrated everyday, because we would not be where we are today without them. 

With Valentine's Day usually being the single people's bane, let the revolution of Galentine's Day take over and consume you in lieu of the holiday festivities. Let the fabulous day make you and your girlfriends feel empowered and help you embrace your singleness while letting everyone know that you are a strong independent woman who is still doing great things and living a great life. The small acts of kindness that occur everyday towards your friends is enough to make them feel appreciated, but dedicating the whole day of February 13 to boast about how much you appreciate the genuine camaraderie between you and your friends is something that should one day come close to, if not top, people's lists of favorite holidays. With a large portion of the population not being celebrated on Valentine’s Day, Galentine's Day is their day to celebrate and remember that there is worth in being single with your girlfriends and it should be enjoyed while it lasts!