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Why I Refuse to Put My GPA On My Resume

Hear me out ladies and gentlemen. Before you go and think damn this girl is dense and she's kinda screwing herself, let me ask you a question. Since when was anything in life actually graded with a number. These past four years have been some of the hardest times in people's lives, including mine. Losing people, coming to terms with oneself, gaining confidence, accepting reality. It’s a a f*cking lot if you ask me. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I have found myself in more ways than I ever thought I would, I have found people who I can confidently say will be by my side ‘till the end. Oh, and yeah, I learned some business stuff and sh*t like that. YES, I treasure the experiences I got and the work my professors did for me to prepare myself for the ‘real world’. NO, I do not think my capabilities and assets are shown in  a number that calculates how I did in my 8AM math class sophomore year. NO, I do not think my well-being and future should be decided by the semester where I really just needed to focus on my mental health, even if that means some grades went down. You are not defined by a number, and you sure as hell should not think that your future is determined by things that happened when you were 18 or 19. I truly believe that we are changing and growing everyday, and no one deserves to limit themselves to a number. You are your experiences, your passions, your hopes and dreams. I can sure tell you I am NOT my business law class grade while I was also dealing with five other classes on my plate. You can achieve anything you believe you can in your future if YOU want it. You can prove yourself more than anything in your past, it’s called ‘your future’ for a reason babes. 

Hello my name is Alaina Basia Bibbo and I go by Basia! I am a Senior at RW studying Marketing and Minoring in Graphic Design. I love makeup, fashion (especially statement pieces) and trying new things!
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