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Throughout our lives we have all been asked the question “Who is your superhero?” or “Who do you look up to the most in life?”.  Without any hesitation my answer has always been my mom.  My mom gives me unconditional love, constant support and always works hard to make sure my sisters and I succeed in life.  Being away at college the last 4 years has made me realize there are so many reasons to appreciate my mom more.  Of course the reasons are endless but here are a few:


1. Homemade Meals 

I can’t be the only one who thinks food tastes better if it was made by their mom.  No matter what it was-- from PB&J’s, chicken noodle soup or your famous lemon chicken, even following exactly what you tell me to do it never tastes the same. Being away at college has made me realize how hard it is to try and come up with meals for every night of the week.  But somehow my mom was able to think of different meals every single night after working all day.  I couldn’t be more appreciative for that because she is the reason I now know how to cook for myself.  


2. The Best Advice 

The person I am today is because of everything my mom has taught me over the last 21 years.  Sometimes we all need tough love to push through certain situations and yes we will be mad at her for it.  But she is ALWAYS right, no matter the situation, no matter who is involved she knows what to say.  There will be times when we don't take this advice and later on realize we should have.  But never forget your mom only tells you these things because she has your best interest in mind. 


3. Always Around To Talk

Remember coming home from school everyday and the second you walk in the door your mom asks “How was school today? Did you learn anything new?”.  I used to get so annoyed and just say “It was fine, same as yesterday” but what I didn’t realize is she just wanted to talk.  Now that I no longer live at home I miss being asked how my day was or how I am doing.  But my mom is only one phone call away and always picks up no matter how early or late it is.  I call my mom 6+ times a day sometimes just asking the most random questions.  It could be about laundry, cooking dinner, being sick and of course just to check in and see how everyone is doing.  The point is she will always be there for me when I need her no matter the circumstances.


I really hope this makes everyone understand how irreplaceable their mothers are.  So thank you for your undivided attention and love at all times.  Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices you have gone through to get me where I am today.  I love you always, mom.

My name is Maegan Varley and I am a senior at RWU majoring in marketing and minor in psychology. I am from Berlin, CT and enjoy cooking in my free time as well as spending time with family and friends.
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