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Staying Motivated at the End of the Semester

The end of the semester is right around the corner and without Spring Break this semester, Summer cannot come fast enough! On top of schoolwork and the pandemic it can be easy to fall into a bad routine and lose motivation to finish the semester strong. 


Exercise and a good morning routine can make you feel so much more productive at the start of your day and is a great mood booster. It can be as easy as going for a walk outside with friends or listening to a podcast.


Getting a good night's sleep is equally important to stay motivated and to keep yourself from feeling burnt out. Going to bed earlier and drinking less caffeine in the afternoon can help create better sleeping patterns and allow you to fall asleep more easily.


Another trick to staying motivated and productive is to schedule time to study or do homework so you are not procrastinating. Setting aside specific times to do homework and planning your day can give you something to look forward to after. You could plan to go to the gym, see your friends, or go shopping.


Celebrating the small wins can also help you stay motivated and keep you on the right track to finish the semester. Treat yourself, go out with friends, get a pedicure, or just take some time to relax and enjoy hobbies you might have. The little things make all the difference!

Hi my name is Rachel! I am a sophomore architecture major at RW. I love cooking and hanging out with friends!
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