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Spring has almost sprung which means we all get to break out our cute warm weather clothing and put our giant parkas away in the closet for a few months, especially my New Englanders reading this. With that being said, here are some Spring 2021 trends you can expect to see.


Puff Sleeves

The voluptuous sleeve and broad shoulder look was very popular in the past and you may have noticed that it’s been making a comeback. This spring you can expect to see a lot more of this trend in light and airy fabrics for both long and short sleeve shirts. (Bonus points if it’s a pastel tone!)


Oversized Denim

We all know denim jackets are the best springtime jacket. They’re cute and light, but still keep you warm on cooler days and nights out with friends. Recently, oversized denim jackets have become super popular. I have a black oversized one, but the classic blue denim and even white denim jackets are going to be perfect for the spring and summer months this year.



“Athleisure” has been a thing for a while, but this year especially joggers, biker shorts, and hoodies and crews have been poppin’. People have really been able to add these items to their wardrobe and make them look very fashionable. Comfy + cute=athleisure. That’s it.


Color Pops

No, I don’t just mean your average pop of color here and there. I mean, like, 80s style bright pops of color. Neon pinks and bright greens and purples (and just about any bright version of any color) has been helping people make their outfits definitely be seen (from miles away). Adding a super bright pop of color can help make any outfit spring-y or summer-y. Very fun, very colorful.


Trends are literally constantly recycled so I’m sure, somehow, you’ll find a way to “keep up”. All we can really hope for is a fun spring and summer and places we will be able to wear our super cute outfits to!

Hello! My name is Ina Ivanova, and I'm the Senior Editor of HCRWU. I am a senior PR major and Marketing and Graphic Design minor from Nantucket, MA. When I’m not in school, I like to travel and do pottery!
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