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If there was one silver lining to quarantining and lockdown during this pandemic, it was the abundance of TV available to us. We are starting to see this cultural shift to shows living in the streaming world versus on cable networks. This allows for binging shows as the entire season or series will come out at once. Through multiple streaming services, there was never a lack of options to choose from. We are all guilty of having binged a series over the past year. All of these new streaming services are giving us amazing new shows, and will continue to do so. Here is a list of both recurring and new shows coming this year that I am most excited about.     


1. Outer Banks, Season 2 (Netflix)

Outer Banks was the first new show I watched during the lockdown around a year ago. Not only is it a great mystery/drama with an awesome cast full of chemistry, but it brings a sense of nostalgia from that quarantine period we all experienced. The ending of the first season has me dying for the next season! This does not have a set date yet, but filming has finished. 


2. Stranger Things, Season 4 (Netflix)

The wait has been far too long for the fourth season of Stranger Things! Filming was suspended during the pandemic which delayed the release date, which we still don’t have officially. This show is one of the most popular Netflix originals, and this season is highly anticipated. We have received teaser trailers to keep us fans excited and wanting more. Filming is still on-going, but hopefully will be released later this year.               


3. Impeachment: American Crime Story (FX/Hulu)

Impeachment will be the third installment of American Crime Story, in which each season is a reenactment of an infamous crime event, such as O.J. Simpson’s trial. This third season will cover the Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal leading into the impeachment of Clinton. The cast is stacked including Sarah Paulson, Beanie Feldstein who will play Lewinsky, Edie Falco who will play Hilary Clinton, and Clive Owen as Bill Clinton. This show release date is also TBD.  


4. Gossip Girl reboot (HBO Max)

Although it won’t be anywhere comparable to the original Gossip Girl show and cast, I am excited to see a modern version of the iconic show. The new cast has many new faces that will bring a lot of diversity. Also, Kristen Bell is returning to be the famous voice of GG herself! 


5. Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu)

Nine Perfect Strangers is another Liane Moriarty book that is being made into a television series. David E. Kelley is one of the creators of the miniseries, and also created Big Little Lies as well as The Undoing, both two shows I thoroughly enjoyed. There is no doubt this series will be just as good as his previous shows! Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans, and Melissa McCarthy make up part of the cast. 

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