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When you chose a university to attend and was introduced into Facebook chats and GroupMe’s, you probably thought it wouldn’t take you too far- but for some, it was the first of many conversations. 


The first few interactions will lead you to second-guess everything you do.

“I hope they don’t think I’m weird,” will be a constant thought running through your mind. But if you’re lucky, somewhere along the lines, you’ll realize that they’re probably just as weird. 


Within weeks, you’ll start using each other’s dialect. You might catch yourself saying “wicked” just like your New Englander roommate. You know each other’s schedules and getting dinner together is part of your daily routine. 


Within months, you can start to predict what each of you are going to say before one of you even says anything. You can look at each other from across the room and instantly know exactly what is on their mind. 


If you found your best friend in college, you chose to live with each other freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior year. You never had to stress about finding a new roommate every year because getting along was so easy for you both. You hear countless roommate horror stories and you are fortunate enough that you can’t relate to them. 


You cook together, shop together, work out together, and spending hours doing homework with them at your side makes it less brutal. If you’re alone, someone will always ask where your other half is. 


If you found your best friend in college, you probably never run out of things to talk about with them, even though you saw them thirty minutes ago. You feel like their friends from home turn into your friends and vice versa. Your two worlds blend together the closer you two get and you start to question how you survived 18 years without them.


You are a duo and saying one of your names feels odd without it being followed by the other. They’re a favorite contact in your phone and you can’t remember a day where you haven’t talked. 


You know their coffee order and the fact that they absolutely hate pepper, and know that they are always willing to go on a long drive and scream your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. 


If you met your best friend in college, the thought of graduation sends a tear down your face. 


Going from spending the past four years together to having to be miles apart is something that you can’t wrap your head around. Instead of walking into their room at any given moment, you’ll have to clear your schedule weeks in advance and drive miles to see them. 


You’ll realize that the past four years have brought you two closer than you are with others you’ve known for your entire life. 


If you found your best friend in college, cherish the next month together because it will be the last. 

Erin was born and raised on Long Island, New York, but currently studies Legal Studies and Political Science at Roger Williams University in beautiful Bristol, RI. Erin enjoys reading and writing and hopes to attend law school in the Fall of 2021.
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