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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at RW chapter.

Everyone has that week, or weeks, in college where you need a little pick me up. However, on a college budget that can seem very difficult. Here are my favorite ways to treat myself after a long week that are all under $20.


Get some fresh flowers! These will add some beautiful color to your room, a good scent, and look amazing. It is so surprising how a bouquet of flowers can lift up a room and your mood. Shaws, Target, BJs, and Stop and Shop all have some gorgeous premade bouquets for $15-$20. Trader Joe’s is my personal favorite since you can get a bundle of your favorite flowers for $5. Get three bundles and you can make your own, specialized bouquet for only $15.


Breakfast is often cheaper than other meals and is the perfect way to start your day, especially if it is a self care day. Whether it is at Dunkin or Starbucks or a local cafe, you can generally find some amazing breakfast options that total under $20. Take an hour in the morning to sit down and enjoy your breakfast before getting on with the day. Everytime I do this, my day feels significantly better than the days I don’t.


Target is the most dangerous store. You go in wanting one thing and leave with twenty. However, there are ways to treat yourself at Target with only $20. The dollar section is the easiest way, you might find a cute diffuser you want for your room or that decoration that you’ve seen all over Tik Tok. It is the perfect section for treats. The beauty section is also great. You can find a ton of great facemasks, nail polishes, bath bombs, etc. for under $20 to have the ideal self care day. Plus, you can get a coffee on your way out, making it even better.

I am a senior at RWU studying Criminal Justice with a double minor in Psychology and Public and Professional Writing. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to utilize it to make a positive difference in the Criminal Justice world.