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How to Deal with Job Rejection and Stay Positive

Job rejection is something that almost everyone will go through. As a second semester senior beginning my job search, I was terrified of getting turned away from a job I really wanted. Until it happened. Although it can be disappointing and discouraging, there are some things that can help you cope. Below I listed out some tips for how to deal with job rejection and move on.


1. During the job search process, it is important to keep momentum. During the period of time when you wait to hear back after an interview, keep searching for other openings. Even if you think you got the job, do not stop looking, so that when you get rejected, you have more interviews coming up. This will help keep you motivated.


2. The first thing to do once you hear you did not get the job is reflect and ask for feedback. Write down a list of questions they asked in the interview and different ways you could have answered them. Spend time really thinking about ways that you could have better positioned yourself for the interview. It is important to always leave on good terms with the hiring manager. After getting turned away, make sure to still email a thank you to everyone you communicated with. This helps them remember you in case a position does open up in the future. Here is where you can ask for feedback. Most hiring managers will let you know why they went with another candidate. Take this information and reflect. This gives you the opportunity to find out why you did not get the position and can help you in the next interview. 


3. After reviewing feedback, talk to those around you for support. Express your frustration or disappointment with friends or family. Listen to their advice and encouraging words. Go over the interview questions with your supporters and even do mock interviews. Remember to not be so hard on yourself. Getting turned away is just part of the process. Take time to decompress if needed. 


Remember that the job search will be long, stressful, and competitive. It is okay if you get turned away from multiple jobs. Do not get discouraged and never give up. It might take a while, but you will eventually get offered a position. Always keep a positive mindset and you will end up where you are supposed to be.

Julia is the Marketing and PR coordinator at the Roger Williams University chapter. She is a senior majoring in marketing with a minor in graphic design.
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