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Although all of us may not be blessed with a blood related sister, having someone who you can call “a sister” whether that be a friend or other family member, is something that we should truly cherish in life.

I am lucky enough to have an older sister whom I do not know what I would do without. Although my sister is 7 years older than me, she is my best friend. Growing up, she was always someone I looked up to. A sister is a blessing in disguise. Although you may fight with this person in your life that you call a sister, they will always be there for you to tell you the honest truth, keep a secret and be a shoulder to lean on when you need it. 

My sister has taught me more things in life than I give her the credit for. She taught me all about makeup, what clothes are cute and what clothes I should put back on the rack, what good music is, what a good friend is, why I should never settle for less and what life is all about. As a little kid she was the one who played dress up with me and jumped on the bed dancing to Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson and Michelle Branch until I was too tired to do anything else. As I grew up, she helped me get ready for prom, did my hair when I didn’t know how to curl it and watched me graduate high school just like she did. She will now watch me graduate college, as she did too, and all I can think about is how sometimes I don’t know if I could have gotten through college without that girl! Some of my favorite memories are with my sister and we still have so much time to make more memories together. 

Whether the person you are thinking of when you hear the word “sister” is a friend, an actual sister or someone else, know that that person in your life is someone you have a relationship with that you won’t find with anyone else. A sister is more than family, a sister is a forever friend.

Alyssa is a senior at Roger Williams University majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Global Communications. She is pursuing her master's degree in Special Education back at RWU following graduation. In her free time Alyssa likes to bullet journal, hangout with friends and family and spend time with her dogs!
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