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Being conscious of what we buy, the waste we produce, and our impact on the environment can be wholly overwhelming. It’s especially hard as a college student to be careful about our purchases with the restraints of budgeting controlling a lot of what we buy. In my experience, trying to shop in ways that are beneficial to the environment becomes really tricky when things like organic foods or natural, handmade products are so expensive. Instead, here are some relatively affordable things that I invested in once and have not regretted. The initial purchase may have been a little bit of a splurge, but these products have lasted me a long time and I believe in their usefulness as well as their eco-friendly attributes.

  1. Reusable Cotton Rounds

I tested a wide variety of reusable cotton round brands before I landed on these from Sunland. They come in a pack of 16 for just under $18 and have a few color options. I love that they come with a washing bag as well. I use them for toner every night and throw them in the little bag. I then just wash the bag with towels once every two weeks. I think they’re soft, high quality, and incredibly durable. I bought them well over a year ago and have loved them ever since for toner, makeup remover, and more. They even have a little pocket for your fingers to make them easier to use. I would highly recommend buying yourself a pack to avoid getting traditional cotton rounds.

  1. Brita Water Bottle

If you ever want to terrify yourself, Google what’s in your local water. Then, look up all the nastiness and chemicals associated with plastic water bottles. My favorite and most useful reusable water bottle has been my Brita bottle. I use it every day, everywhere I go since it has a built-in filter in the straw and I feel better about the water I’m drinking. The filter is replaceable just like in a traditional Brita. I cannot recommend enough filtering your water no matter where you’re getting it from. Take care of yourself and the environment with one of these.

  1. Clic Toothbrush

I have tried bamboo toothbrushes and was never a fan. I just never came across a brand that made quality ones. Instead, I found the Clic toothbrush, which is an ultra-sturdy option that only requires you to change the brush head. This product is meant to reduce your plastic toothbrush waste by 60%. I think the handle feels so nice and it’s such a quality, aesthetic toothbrush. The packaging for each new brush head is recyclable and I feel better about not throwing away an entire toothbrush.

My name is Sophia Hess and I'm a junior from Leominster, MA. With a major in design and minors in marketing and visual arts, I'm passionate about art and aesthetics. In my free time I love being with friends, listening to music, and finding new places to work on photography.
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