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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at RW chapter.

1. There’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” 


Remembering that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” opens you up to more opportunity than you could imagine. Suddenly anything can be anything. Suddenly nothing hurts your feelings. Suddenly you are flexible and strong. 


When you don’t define circumstances, change, or redirect things as “good” or “bad” you open the floor for everything to work FOR you. When things are no longer “good” or “bad” they become anything you want them to be and they may foster beautiful things. 


For example, when I slipped up my Junior year and got pulled off of the starting lineup for my Volleyball team half way through the season I was quick to think “bad”.. But what I realized was-  I can’t define things so quickly. It was a wakeup call that made me work harder than ever before. It was a wake up call that drove me to later become the starting Captain, go 17-3, and take our team to Shoreline Finals for the first time in 20 years. Never mark any situation as good” or “bad” because in reality whatever it is could be the very thing you needed. 


2. Nothing is Defining 


When you are reminded that nothing is defining, all mistakes become irrelevant. The notion that there is no event, mistake, circumstance, or detriment that can define or control the future is to say that you are endlessly free. It is to say that you have indefinite potential. There is no pitfall at any point in any person’s life that means you are “f***ed” because you never know what’s going to happen. 


In the event that a circumstance might make you feel hopeless and frustrated; you lost your job, you embarrassed yourself in front of everybody, you got dumped, you said the wrong thing, you did the wrong thing — pause. You may feel like your plans are ruined. You may think “I’m f***ed.” But the reality is, nothing is defining. You may get a better job, you may have charmed the right person when you “embarrassed” yourself, maybe getting dumped was what you needed to thrive. 


When you remember that nothing is defining you get up quicker, you take hold of opportunity and you use your feelings for inspiration to drive the next moment.


 In the same way you watch the main character in a movie have “the worst day ever” and then rise above- you should have the same relentless faith in yourself too. 


When we watch- we know they’re gonna get back up, we know the ending is gonna be good, we know somehow everything had to happen as it did. We NEVER settle with or define the main character by the point in every movie where everything falls apart. We route for a glorious ending and for everything to come out on top in some unexpected way. Why don’t we look at our lives this way? Realize that nothing is defining and you will be the most resilient person in the room.


3. You could change your whole life by means of small habits 


Remind yourself that you can change your whole life through small habits, and they can make you passively meet all your goals. Recognizing that you can completely change the way you act and feel through small habits is a great way to stay encouraged. Do not be scared of the daunting task of things- you can get your dream body and mind through small consistent things implemented into your life. There are many things you can do to make your life feel completely different. You just have to let go of any ego and really do things for you. 


Research shows that the more time you spend mind-wandering (not being present) the less happy you’re likely to be. Practicing meditation is one of the most        common ways people use to stay present. Meditation can simply be you sitting on the floor and recognizing what you see, hear, smell, taste and can touch in that moment. Meditation can be listening to calming music. Meditations can be in the form of audio feeding you positive ideas. There are meditations for success, self love, positivity, redirection, acceptance, weight loss, ambition, confidence etc. They all feature language and sentences that reinforce positive ideas into your subconscious. 


These practices consistently done, are proven to create less anxiety, promote better sleep, a higher self esteem, clarity, levels of happiness and even improve memory. 


  • If you can handle 10 squats a day, 10 curl ups a day, 10 push ups – do it! Consistency is on your side and just a tiny bit could shape a habit that gets you on the road to your goals. All effort is bound to make a difference, consistency matters and small habits add up to a new you.
  • Watch the sunrise- connecting with the earth in this way has profoundly positive effects on your health. Consistent walks, caught sunrises, hikes, bike rides, skates- any connection with nature can make massive impacts on your mind. It may start as a force but soon you’ll find how much it enhances how you feel and what you are capable of. 
  • The world is not a scary place ​


Remember, the world is made up of people. We are all connected in our shared humanity. You can’t argue it, we all have the human brain. Don’t be scared, there is always a reason someone works the way they do. 


If you are open to seeing their humanity, you will find they are just like you in your shared aliveness. Things seem a little less scary this way. We’re all just people. School, Career, Public Speaking, Internships, Social life – have faith in your unity with other humans and you will feel effortless and untouchable entering anything new. Your faith will allow for success in every direction.


5. The level of beauty found in your life is dependent on how open you are to it


Always remember you only have the capacity to feel the things in which you are OPEN to. So make sure you do not block yourself from the wonderful feelings of life. 


 Be open to romance and you will feel it in its full capacity. Be open to friendship and you will feel it in its fullest capacity. Be open to success and growth and envision how truly realistic your dreams and goals are. The things in which you are open to, become far more apparent. They become far more reachable, touchable, until they become reality.  Everything you could imagine is real so be open to all the beauty you want and you’ve already conquered half the battle.

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