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Plants are amazing. They reduce stress, clean the air, increase productivity, and more. The process of caring for plants has been shown to help with anxiety and depression. Overall, plants are beautiful ways to brighten a space and help yourself mentally. Not all people find it easy to get started caring for them though. Here are my top five easy to care for plants that I would recommend to anyone trying to buy their first houseplants.


1. Pothos

Pothos are incredibly easy to care for and come in a huge variety. They’re leafy and fast growing. They can tolerate low light which means they could be a great option for bathrooms or bedrooms. They’re also incredibly easy to propagate, or grow a new plant from an existing one. Pothos are great for cleaning the air as well since they remove indoor air toxins. For care, keep your pothos somewhere in indirect light and water about once a week. Just check the top of your soil to see if it’s dry and look at leaf color to determine the plant’s health. Brown leaves are under-watered, yellow leaves are over-watered.


2. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are super easy to care for and have interesting white flowers that bloom. They like low to medium light but more light will result in more blooms. Make sure to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth if they get dusty. These plants like to be heavily watered at once and then go for a while before their next watering. I also spray mine with a spray bottle every few days. Overall, they’re very easy to care for and require little maintenance.


3. String of Pearls

String of Pearls are a cool succulent that grows long and quickly, making them a great hanging plant. They need bright light so their ideal spot is usually in the kitchen. I water mine once every 2-3 weeks, making this plant a beautiful addition to a room that you hardly think about. It’s easy to check if your plant needs water by looking at the little bulbs of the plant. If they’re thinning and wrinkled, it definitely needs water. If the bulbs are rounded and plump, the plant is good and healthy. This plant is another one that’s incredibly easy to propagate, I’ve given several strands away to friends to help them grow their own. 


4. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens have some of the prettiest colors for the easiest care. They can live with shockingly low levels of light. For example, mine is on my nightstand in the corner of my bedroom that never gets any light at all but it’s thriving. The leaves are beautiful shades of pinks and greens, making it a very bright and stunning plant. I water this plant once a week but it has been very tolerant of different water conditions. 


5. Prayer Plant

Prayer Plants are my favorite plant on this list. They have unique, oval shaped leaves with brightly colored veins that make them really beautiful. The name prayer plant comes from the way the leaves fold in the afternoon, like hands praying. They do best in bright, indirect light and require a good amount of humidity, which I use a nearby humidifier for. Keep their soil moist, not wet. 

I hope this list inspires you to go out and get your first, or another, houseplant. For me, plants and caring for them is a stress reliever and helps my mental health. I love to be surrounded by them and keep as many as I can in my space. I hope you try one of these plants and bring a little life into your space.

My name is Sophia Hess and I'm a junior from Leominster, MA. With a major in design and minors in marketing and visual arts, I'm passionate about art and aesthetics. In my free time I love being with friends, listening to music, and finding new places to work on photography.
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