4 Podcasts for 4 Different Moods

You can ask any one of my friends what my most favorite pastime is and I can guarantee you they will say “talking”. I love talking things out with people, hearing about your day, and even what crazy thought came up to you while zoning out in class. Sometimes we just need that person to listen to you talk about random things, and that’s okay. Okay but what happens when you don’t have that? You’re cleaning your room and that one roommate just doesn’t feel like sitting on your bed watching you fold clothes? Or you're up late and no one wants to talk about the Youtube drama you can’t seem to escape. I got you. Podcasts have become a NEED for me since quarantine started. Remember when all we could do was go on walks alone? These were my sanity. Here are my four favorite podcasts for my four most common moods. 


Happy: You Can Sit With Us

This podcast is so lovely, sweet, and extremely easy to listen to. It is a group of women, the wives of the also greatly known content creators The Try Guys! All of the episodes are easy to listen to and will give you a burst of happiness with their positive antics and endless laughter together. Highly recommended for a gal who just wants to brighten their day and wants to feel like they’re just chatting with the girlies. 


Sad: Relax!

Is this something that makes me sad? No, not at all, but it helps me get out of it! Relax! follows Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklan, husband and wife, and they just talk about their lives, their careers, family, and much more! I have followed Colleen for years and love her content, as it is funny, heartwarming, and entertaining. She is one whose goal is to always communicate with her followers and be 100% translucent, and because of that, it’s like you know her and she’s your best friend. Her and her family are lovely and full of positivity, this is a frequent “go to” weekly for me to either get myself out of a rut or fill my time with something I know I’ll leave in a better mood after.  



I mean do I really have to describe this one? We all know Trisha, whether we like it or not. Personally, I have grown to like her even more from this podcast with Ethan Klein because they even out each other so well and they bring her back to reality. It is always interesting, always nice and long (Literally what I look forward to on Tuesdays) and f*cking hilarious. There has not been one episode that I can go through without audibly laughing, and I think that's a win. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it guys, this podcast changed my life. 



Bored: The H3 Podcast / TMG Podcast

Last, but not least, the bored category. We all know this happens to us sometimes, or we just want some background noise while we're getting ready. These two podcasts I personally think are PERF for this need. Both essentially follow the same idea of talking about what is going on in the media/spotlight of the week. Easy to listen to and follow, both are also able to keep you interested while also learning new things that you may have missed on the TL.