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Halloween is the one day a year when kids can go to the homes of complete strangers and accept candy from them. The holiday is magical in a sense, giving people the ability to become someone else and get to know their neighbors, and spend an entire night indulging on sugary snacks! As a college student, Halloween sometimes looks a little different—some people trade trick or treating for parties, and candies and desserts for adult beverages. Though it does not have to be that way, there are still plenty of ways for young (and older) adults to maintain the youthful spirit of Halloween! One of the most fun ways to do this is by baking and creating an array of Halloween-themed treats. Whether you choose to  keep them to yourself, make goody bags for your friends and family, or bring them to your Halloween party, here are some of the best recipes.

Candy Bark

Candy bark is a fun way to get creative with conventional candy. If you want to get really crazy, you can even make your own chocolates! This is not necessarily a baking recipe, but still a lot of fun to make and eat!

Mummy Cake Pops

As an aspiring Egyptologist, this is one of my favorite treats. I have always loved mummies and found them to be fascinating. With these easy to make and fun cake pops, I can combine my childhood nostalgia with my current studies! They work well for any major!

Sugar Skull Cookies

Show a little cultural appreciation with this early celebration treat for the Day of the Dead! These sugar skull cookies work perfectly for Halloween, and if they can last for a few days, you have a Day of the Dead goody as well!

Meringue Ghosts

Don’t be intimidated by the name; this recipe is not as scary as it looks! These cookies are a fun way to mix things up while getting spooky! If you are not a baking from-scratch kind of person, you can cheat with one of these kits!

Witch Hat Cookies

Like every other lover of the spooky season, I have a slight obsession with Hocus Pocus (1993) and Salem, Massachusetts. With COVID still making everyone’s Halloween a living nightmare, you can bring Salem and the Sanderson sisters to your festivities with these wickedly good (and easy) cookies!

Pumpkin Patch Brownies

Aside from being completely obsessed with pumpkin spice everything and carving pumpkins, another tradition I have for Halloween night is a screening of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966). The best treat to top off this tradition is these pumpkin patch brownies! If you can’t get enough pumpkin, you can also make these pumpkin brownies with the patch toppings!

Although Halloween looks a little different this year, try to make the most of it! Bring out your inner child and embrace the sugar coma, endless crafts, and Halloween classics!

Julia Fuchs

Rutgers '22

Julia is a senior at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Academically, she is interested in Egyptian archaeology and art history. Outside of classes Julia loves fashion, coffee, art, music and is a dedicated feminist! Her Campus is a way for her to combine all of her interests in a journalistic setting, and an organization she loves being a part of!
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