Winter Survival Kit

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Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel Alba BotanicalⓇ

Grace: Finals mean stress, and stress means some pretty rough times for your eyes. (crying? Me? Yeah been there. Nights without sleep? Did you really study for an exam if you didn’t pull an all-nighter?) Sure you can freeze spoons and put them on your face, but this is so much more convenient and low fuss! Now your professor can’t tell if you don’t have your life together!

Katelyn: Leading the life of a college student means my eyes are perpetually puffy and tired-looking but this cream is convenient and portable so you can look less dead wherever you go! Cried in the bathroom after your last exam? No one has to know because you can carry a eye cream in your purse.


Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes™

Grace: Alright, as a generally hairless female, I lack lashes in length and volume, and it’s difficult to find a mascara that doesn’t smudge, but also makes my lashes lush and voluminous and long. THIS. is my go-to mascara if I want LENGTH and DRAMA. You do NOT need falsies with this baby. (You don’t need, but if you wanna be extra, go for it!) This was the first mascara I was exposed to when I bought my first eyelash curler six years ago, and it has never disappointed me since.

Katelyn: I have decently thick and long(ish) lashes so I usually get the cheapest mascara I can find. But this mascara is the highest quality I have ever used and it honestly made such a difference. My lashes look longer, fuller, and darker than they do with my usual mascara. Would recommend trying this mascara, even if you think your lashes already look fab. This mascara can bump your lashes to another level.

Being Hand Cream

Grace: You know it’s getting cold when the backs of your hands start feeling more like sandpaper than skin. It’s a pretty clear indicator that it’s time to reeeeally put effort into moisturizing before everything goes too off hill. Being’s hand cream is thick and captures moisture without being greasy. My favorite scent is the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom hand cream, which smells like a crisp, clean flower.

Katelyn: The beginning of winter means it’s time to start taking extra good care of your skin. If you’re looking for a hand cream that’s lightweight but with lots of moisture, Being Hand Cream is the way to go. It absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving that greasy feeling behind. To top it all off, this cream smells great!

Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles 4ct.-0.5g

Grace: The best part about having tiny tubes of krazy glue is that you won’t have to deal with accidentally gluing the cap to the bottle but trying to open it 4 months later. In my daily struggle, I find that I only need tiny amounts of krazy glue instead of an entire bottle, and this keeps the process cleaner and neater! Not mention the efficiency of krazy glue, it’s perfect for those DIY gifts you plan on making soon!

Katelyn: Have you ever accidentally broken the handle off your favorite mug? Or broken something of equal importance to you? If you have, then these tiny tubes of krazy glue can make a world of difference! These tubes as big enough to put your mess back together but not so big that you feel like you could ever use it all. For an accident prone student, these might be a great investment.

Le Motto’s #ActuallySheCan Tanks

Grace: These tanks are soft, perfect for working out in, AND have cute quotes on them? Sign me up. Nothing feels more smug than wearing a muscle tank with a little sassy quote. I will let my shirt speak for me.

Katelyn: I hate wearing shirts with sleeves when I work out. Not because I want to show off my arms (I have no visible muscles) but because I sweat. A lot. These tanks are low cut on the sides to make them even more breathable but they cover enough of my front that I can do planks without worrying about someone staring down my shirt. Plus the quotes are all adorable!