Why I am Thankful for College

I know it sounds crazy to say I’m thankful for college even while being tortured in endless cycles of testing and sleepless nights. But let me say that besides the occasional free food, college has given me a lot to be thankful for in terms of good work ethic and self improvement. Today I want to talk about those few things that college has really urged me to work on which I believe has changed my life for the better.

1. Sense of Responsibility


Coming into college was probably a turning point in my life. New places, new faces, and new tasks to fulfill. Along with all of that came new responsibilities. Being away from home meant dealing with most issues on my own. Be it paying the bills, managing my loans, getting a part time job or even thinking of what to eat for my next meal! With so many tasks in hand, I knew I had to be responsible with how I handled everything going forward. That is why I began to keep a planner where I would list everything I had to get done for that week. I began to say yes whenever a cashier asked if I wanted the receipt so I could keep track of all my spending. I even began to prep food the night before so that I could sleep a little longer in the mornings, knowing that it would make me more productive throughout the day.

2. Awareness of Global Issues


I don’t think I have ever been as interested in world issues until I took my first political science course. It was then that I realized how fortunate I was to be living in a democratic country with so many opportunities available for women unlike any other place in the world. This awareness gave me the strength to learn more about the world and the issues humanity is facing as a whole. I began to read more, form an opinion for myself, and even better, I began to take voting more seriously!

3. Friendships


Friendships. Perhaps this is the best part about college so far. Unlike the friendships we made back when we were just kids, during the days when we were scared and insecure of being alone, in college we have control over who we befriend and who we choose to stay away from. Or even better we don’t mind spending some time alone anymore. If anything we crave for it most times! We are self-believers and stronger now. We make friends not for the sake of having friends but because we genuinely want to get to know the person as who they are. We care for them and love goofing around with them even when we should be studying. We support each other during hard times and watch each other's back no matter what. Coming into college really made me realize this and for that I’m extremely thankful!

4. Time management


Oh boy, if this isn’t a tough one still! But yes, time management. The path towards adulthood and let me say, a successful one, all depends on whether or not we can race against this little ticking device of life. Coming into college made me realize how much free time I wasted on just lazing around because let’s face it back when we were young we could afford to! But not anymore. All the obstacles coming into college changed me into managing my time more efficiently. Especially when I was working as an Resident Assistant as an engineering student with endless assignments meant less procrastinating and more calculating would determine whether or not I would get some sleep for that night. But whenever I got my work done in time I got to spend more time with friends and family so there was always a reward for good work done. Either way, college has pushed me to use my time more wisely to really make as much of it count.

5. Independence


Independence. Let’s face it, this is the reason why we came to college in the first place. Wanting to move out and see the world for ourselves is what urges us to value independence so much. When we were young we always had someone to tell us what to do and take the blame when things went wrong. But now being independent means taking responsibility for our own actions and facing our own fears without having someone there to hold your hand all the time. Being able to think our own thoughts, make choices and take responsibilities for it, make us stronger each and every day. And I think college is one of those first steps for many of us to finally break free from the things that define us against our own will and instead allow us to become who we truly want to be.


So for those still in school, don’t be afraid to live freely and to make mistakes from time to time. Be young and spontaneous. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because there is always room for improvement. And think about what in life you’re also grateful for, it can be school or even the people around you, because there is no limit to being thankful in this beautiful, short life of ours.