Which 2019 Swimsuit Cover-Up Matches Your Style?

Summer is just around the corner, and so is swimsuit season! Ideally, you’ll be out and about, maybe at a seaside town, a cruise to the Bahamas, or even your best friend’s fabulous backyard. However, you might not always want to flaunt your glamorous bikini body (which is every healthy, glowing body) at all times. You may want to take a walk once the sun begins to set and the temperature begins to drop or sit down at a seaside restaurant or cafe that refuses to serve people without the proper clothing or cover up! Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to pack up a swimsuit cover-up- and no, you won’t need to sacrifice your style to make your cover-up work. Here are some of this year’s swimsuit cover-up trends categorized by style:

Subtle & Sophisticated


Not interested in looking like a try-hard while ordering a strawberry daiquiri at the beach-side bar? Want to look carelessly fabulous while strutting into your favorite summer restaurant spot after a dip into the pool? I suggest this subtly sophisticated look that isn't as showy as most cover-ups can be, usually featuring patterns that aren’t particularly eye-catching, but are definitely showing enough skin to keep things interesting.

For example, the ultra-lightweight white multi-striped swim cover-up from Lulu’s (seen above) may have sleeves but has a thigh-high slit and is showing just enough cleavage to have you still feeling super sexy. Incorporating sleeves into your summer cover-up look is pretty much ideal if you’ll be traveling to beautiful beach-side countries that are leaning more on the conservative side or if your family loves to make plans at fancy beach-side restaurants after a day at the beach. Similar outfits include Lulu’s navy blue and white striped Kaftan swim cover-up ($45), which features no room for cleavage but plenty more for your thighs with a higher slit, SHEIN’s tie front striped duster sheer kimono ($16), which would look absolutely adorable with high rise denim shorts if you want something more low-key, and Swimsuits for All’s Blair black sheer bandeau maxi dress ($42) which would be a fabulous look for a night out at the beach. Ideally, you can complete these looks with layered stringy necklaces and a sun hat.

The Tomboy


Sometimes you just want something lightweight and breathable that won’t get in the way of just wanting a chill day at the beach. If that’s the case, you might want to check out Aerie’s collection of tops, which are so lightweight, soft, and comfortable that you could wear them at home while lounging in your bed or for a day out in the sun!

Stunt on the boys, or the girls, at the beach with Aerie’s distressed boyfriend t-shirt (see above)- which is absolutely perfect for that summer girl crush look. If you’re a fan of hoodies, check out the Aerie drapey hoodie ($29.97) that will still offer you that fitted look at your waist with its drawstrings at the hem. For an even more laid-back look, you can also slip on the Aerie woven popover shirt ($23.97) which is made of 100% cotton- perfect for a game of volleyball on a breezy, beautiful day! Don’t forget to complete these chill looks with some loose-fitting, light-wash denim shorts, a baseball cap, and some sunglasses.

The Summer Lover


White and lace are such an amazing combination in the summer. They effortlessly create a romantic look that will have the boys (or girls) swooning when you step onto the beach. If you’re looking to unleash the inner romantic in you, put down that cheesy romantic novel and take the first few steps to obtain that summer romance by purchasing a breathtaking lacey white summer cover-up.

If you’re looking for a maxi skirt to match your teeny-weeny bikini, look no further than the ivory lace swim cover-up maxi skirt (see above) from Lulu’s, which has an absolutely stunning crochet waistband that hugs where it matters. Target’s lace trim tie front cover-up ($24.99) may give you a run for your money, with its sexy steal- ruching in the back, cut out panel in the upper back to show off your beautiful back muscles, and lace trim in the front. For something that covers up a tad bit more, I suggest something like Target’s embroidered lace-up cover up- cover 2 cover ($29.99), with a flowy look in the front and feminine ruching in the back, or even Forever 21’s Amale Kaftan tassled swim cover-up ($58) that will cover you up without sacrificing your feminine figure. Try to match these looks with dangly bohemian earrings, anklets, and tie-up sandals and you’ll be ready to begin your summer romance.

Floral Fairy

SHEIN Botanical Print Tassel Hem Semi Sheer Kimono ($13.00) from SHEIN

Have you embraced your inner flower power yet? If so, good on you. But if not- you might as well, because this season is blooming with a variety of different types of floral prints. Floral prints are a great way to liven up your look, especially with floral-patterned kimonos! Breathe some life into your summer wardrobe this year by adding some floral pieces into the mix.

Kimonos are an excellent way to stay fabulous while staying classy. Take for example, the SHEIN botanical print tassel hem semi-sheer kimono (see above), which would be a great transitional day to night piece. Another piece that would also be a great addition to your nights out would be the Kulani Kunis floral swimsuit cover-up skirt from Forever 21 ($38) which offers a retro floral fit ideal for a night spent at the beach-side bar sipping a specialty tropical drink. If you’re looking for something on the less colorful side,  look no further than the kimono-inspired Billabong take the plunge mini dress ($54.95), perfect for someone who wants to blossom while keeping it classy.

Bold Baddy

South Coast Bay Swim Cover Up Dress ($17.99) - Neon Pink from Fashion Nova

Sometimes you really want to leave a strong impression once you step foot on the sand. If that’s the case, maybe you should hop on one of the latest summer trends- fluorescent, particularly neon pink and neon yellow. You’ll be seeing these colors everywhere this summer, and they look absolutely stunning when paired with a white swimsuit, crop top, or flowy wide pants.

Fashion Nova’s south coast bay swim cover-up dress (see above) is a great way to stand out in the crowd of other party-goers during your late night adventures. Its seamless crochet design will have you looking like a mermaid ready to be unleashed from its bright neon fishnet (haha). It hugs in all the right places- it will look especially good on girls with curves. If you can’t handle the fishnet, you can also stunt on everyone with the show off cover up ($12.99) from Fashion Nova, the adjustable length is ideal for anyone of any size or height. You also don’t have to show off a ton of skin to embrace the bold baddy look either- Lulu’s turquoise blue and cobalt blue maxi cover-up ($42) is perfect for the girl who loves color and a little bit more coverup. If you decide to tackle this trend, I strongly suggest not going overboard with the accessories- as the bright colors and your presence are already a big enough statement as is.

Seaside Stunner

KYLIE V-NECK DRESS ($38.40) from Swimsuits For All

Look like a seaside stunner with these cover-ups, which feature details that will not only accentuate your beloved body but also make a statement! These looks are for the ladies who want to stand out a little more than those who are into the subtle & sophisticated style but don’t particularly want to outshine the bold baddies.

The Kylie v-neck dress from Swimsuits for All (see above) has a handkerchief hemline that really accentuates and compliments a girl with curves- you can wear this look while catching up with your hometown friends and soaking up the sun in their backyard pool or shopping til you drop at a nearby outlet. If you’re trying to look more like a stunning seaside princess, you can try the south beach London swim kimono ($32) from Forever 21, which has a flowy longline silhouette that is ideal for a girl who loves to show off her long legs by the poolside. The solid fringe trim crochet sheet cover-up ($10) from SHEIN would also be a nice addition to your summer wardrobe if you love detailing but aren’t a big fan of multiple prints of patterns. Elevate your seaside stunner look by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail or behind your ears.

Putting on a swimsuit cover-up doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your summer style. Whether you’re planning over-the-top photo shoots for your Instagram profile or preparing for a nice dinner with the family after a long day at the beach, don’t forget to pack a cover-up! It may be the piece that completes your summer wardrobe this year.