Where to Eat the Morning After a Hangover (Near Rutgers University)

No one likes to be hungover and hungry. Allow yourself to melt into the sweet embrace of food after a wild night with these eatery options:

  • Fritz’s

There are not too many coffee options if you can’t stay awake, but the eggs and hash-browns are amazing. Plus not too many people come here for breakfast so there are fewer people judging your hungover state.

  • RU Hungry

It's open 24-7, so if you find yourself being victimized by hunger-pains really early in the morning, stomp on over to RU Hungry. Their Fat sandwiches are filling, but if you don't think your stomach can handle all that grease they have plenty of other options too, such as milkshakes, breakfast sandwiches, and desserts. 

  • Skylark

A fun and huge diner on Route 1.  Their breakfast menu is huge, so there is something for everyone! There’s also alcohol, in case you’re a fan of the hair of the dog.

  • Omega

If you find breakfast food to be incredibly comforting after a traumatic night, definitely haul yourself over to Omega Diner. The menu has a variety of breakfast meals at decent prices- definitely go for one of their griddle specialties if you haven't already!

  • PJ’s Pizza and Grill

Best place for pizza at nights or in the mornings. They serve fresh, hot, and delicious slices and pies, which feels great after a night of partying.